Taylor Peugh is a Cashflow investor in the Charlotte, NC market. He focuses on solving problems for distressed property owners, often using creative financing techniques. He uses these techniques to buy single-family, multi family and businesses. And yep, that’s his cell phone #. Text it and tell him what a great job he did on the W2 Capitalist podcast 🙂 

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Key Takeaways:
  • Having a supportive spouse is KEY
  • Invest in 401k or no
  • What is the stock market about to do?
  • When to File an Eviction Notice
  • Hire a Professional Property Manager
  • Our kids have such a different life than we did at their age
  • Utilizing Grubhub, Uber, UPS drivers as your birddogs
  • Fired once and laid off twice by the same company in a week’s time frame
  • Find a millionaire investor and basically insert yourself into a paid mentorship
  • Investing with your family
  • What is your Price Anchor?
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[00:00:00] Hey, what’s up, everybody? My name is Jay Helms and I’m the founder of this podcast and movement known as a W2 Kabbalist. Today’s gas was this morning’s guest. Taylor, Pugh, Taylor and I connected through Facebook. I forget who reached out to who, but I’m glad I’m glad we’re connected now. So let me give you a little information on Taylor. Taylor, it is a cash flow investor in the Charlotte market. He focuses on solving problems for distressed property owners, often using creative finding financing techniques. He uses these techniques to buy single family, multi-family and businesses. And poor guy, he’s he’s known as a poor guy. Jokingly, I have three kids. I know what it’s like when the first one comes around. Just had a kid not too long ago. So he’s he’s dealing with that quite well. He joined me pretty early to record his podcast. So hats off to Taylor. And one thing I love about Taylor, you’ll hear this the turn, the episode. But he gives out his cell phone number, something arm hits and you’re thinking, man, maybe I should. So if you join the Facebook group now, I’ll actually change that up. I actually post my cell phone number in the Facebook group. That’s the real estate investing for the W-2 employee Facebook group. But Taylor and I’ll put links to the all these in the episode. Taylor can be reached by on Facebook as well as his social pages under Kings and Queens City. He’s got a little podcast there. Open a link to that in the show notes or by his cell. So I’ll give it to you. Now it’s 7 0 4 7 2 8 7 8 8 0. Quite bold statement. My partner Tim Kelly did that first time I saw him. I do. This was was a while ago when Tim and I were on Burger Pockets and that was pretty crazy.

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[00:03:15] So with that being said, here’s Taylor. Let’s get to work.

[00:03:27] You are a W2 capitalist.

[00:03:30] You are addressing the gap between your successful fulfilling W2 job and to building wealth for your family through real estate investing. You are ready to earn invest. Repeat. Welcome to the W2 Capitalist podcast. Now let’s get to work.

[00:03:47] Here is your host, Jay helds. Taylor, good morning. How are you?

[00:04:02] Certainly, there’s a lot of people say that this is early for me.

[00:04:11] Charlotte, Charlotte, right? Yeah. Yeah. It’s not 10:00 in early May. Come on. It’s. 6:56. You’re tough. Not.

[00:04:20] I don’t get up till 8:30. I love it.

[00:04:24] I know you. I was at networking last night, so I didn’t get I didn’t get home from that. Come after 12:00. And so, like, I mean, hey, I’m to do what I’m gonna have to do. But even when I’m at a networking event, I’m like, yeah, it’s going to be me short night.

[00:04:42] Yeah, that’s that’s awesome. Let’s make sure we dive into that, because that’s something I don’t do enough of in our Avallone. The family is my excuse. Right. I spent enough time away from them with a W-2 and whatnot. But let’s make sure we dive into that. So. So you just cracked. I can. Was that a Bud Light or is that a Pepsi as a Pepsi for the win? You know, I never started drinking coffee. I hadn’t I never drank coffee until we started having kids. And so this is it’s a godsend for people who get up early. So I do do one thing, though. I make myself as telling a co-worker this yesterday. I make myself first thing, want to get up? I have to drink at least one 16 ounce cup of water. I’ve already done one. This is my second. Just to make sure that coffee is not the first thing that hits my.

[00:05:42] It would normally be water, but in case anyone listening doesn’t know, like Jay makes you record this like crazy. Early 7 a.m.. Well, it’s either. But you were just talking about how you’re networking. Yes. I’m a I’m a serial networker. OK. And we can get into that in a little bit. But in any case. Hey, Jay, appreciate you having me on the show. Appreciate you sharing with your audience. Absolutely. Thanks. Thanks for being here. And I appreciate you being here.

[00:06:11] So let’s take care of some business first. So I told you, I talked to a little bit to do some research on you. Understand you. You’re active duty or you’ve served in the Marines.

[00:06:21] Yeah, I was in the Marines for eight years. So thank you for your service. Very much appreciated. Thanks. Thanks for the support we have. A great country. I’ve got to travel the world and see places. See places I never want to see again. And then other places that are the most beautiful places in the world.

[00:06:37] Yeah. And you know, it’s a little bit of everything, so. Yeah. Yeah, that’s definitely a job I did not sign up for. Number one, I think they would have taken me, but. So I always when I find out some I served in the military, always super appreciative of that. But you and I connected on Facebook. I don’t know how we connected. Oh, then it was one of those pop up. Hey, you’ve got mutual friends. And I’ll tell you, I’m glad Facebook has that algorithm in there because. You have some of the best posts. Try a try. No, no. I don’t know. I just. I’ve probably stolen more more comments and inspirational phrases from you than everybody else. So that’s it’s awesome.

[00:07:25] So I normally most my posts come from comments like, you know, I engage in I engage on my Facebook and, you know, a lot of people, those posts on me and just let let it go where I’m I’m more trying to have a conversation. Yeah. And so as we have that conversation, it’ll inspire another thought.

[00:07:44] And so it’s kind of like. Same same thing. Like I’ll end up stealing a comment and making under the next post. And it just kind of keeps feeding itself. We we talk about networking. And for a lot of people, you know, I try to network three times a week. That’s that’s my personal goal.

[00:08:04] And a lot of people, they’ve got, as you know, family and friends, and they may not have the support that that I have. Like I have a great support system. My wife supports what I do. A hundred percent family supports what I do. But a lot of people do go to the networking event. They can only states tell like not eight forty five on the dot because they have to get back home. And then when they get home, their families like, oh, you were at that real estate thing and I’m putting air quotes. Yeah. And it’s like no, no I’m I meant that thing. I’m at the real estate meeting that’s going to help change mine and my family’s future forever. Yeah.

[00:08:40] And so we just try to be really supportive of those people that might not have that that back end energy or that support system. And I try to be a support form, you know, even if I’m the one person on the Internet that believes in them. I don’t think there’s anyone listening in this podcast for sure. Anyone listen to this podcast.

[00:08:58] But I don’t think there’s anybody that couldn’t get. For rentals, and if you only had for your whole entire life, you’d do better than Social Security.

[00:09:08] Yeah. Yeah, we had a breeze eventually and we had our first of the year we were recording this and we had our annual I guess annual four one K meeting yesterday. And I’m like, I would I would have loved to have been the bug on the wall in there. I know. I decided to pump the brakes and not I mean there were some H.R. folks in there and whatnot and I was like, I’m not going to I’m not going to beat this guy up too much. But I did start asking some questions at the end. He was like, you know, this is it’s been really, really good questions, you know? And and I walked away from that, meaning they can help given the scam I want. You know, there’s I’m well, I’m going to do the match because they’ve got a really aggressive match. And, you know, I you know, I asked him yesterday. So you don’t any questions asked him? I said, hey. I said no. I don’t remember if I preface this or off of or whatnot, but I said, hey. Seventy two percent of economists are predicting a recession in the next year or two. You know, by 2020, 2021, there is going to be a recession. What do you say to a guy who’s read that report and is concerned about investing in the stock market when it’s hitting its all time highs right now? And in the end, he definitely dodged the question, you know. And so my follow up question was what what funds did really well during 2008 and 2010? And he his answer was, we all just have to research that yourself.

[00:10:47] I thought, well, to be fair, I I don’t think that he’s allowed to recommend a specific fund.

[00:10:54] Yeah, and that was not my question. Right. I mean, it was specifically you’re correct.

[00:11:00] There are there is a couple of ways they can set it up, right. You can select your funds or they actually had of self-managed. They had a self-manage option. And then they also had a portion where you can fill out this form to fill out how aggressive you are. And it makes recommendations and then you actually have to choose. So, yeah, you’re right. He can’t say you should do this, right. He can give you some guidance. And that’s one of those gray areas. But etiologies said you just have to research that yourself.

[00:11:28] So, you know, you were you’re on the right track, though, and I recommend this. Anyone that we type a formal case, don’t ever invest them. However, if they’re going to offer you a match is the only exception because it’s basically like them giving you a raise. Yeah, right. And so you’re you said they were aggressive. I’m going to use just random numbers here. But if they’re offering, say, a 5 percent match, you have to invest 10 like. That’s a good return, but don’t invest a dollar over what they’re willing to match. You know, my wife got a W-2 and so as different programs come out and we do the math and figure out what makes sense for us and our family, it’s always what is the best return. Again, as with everything with me, it’s all about cash flow. Right. Yeah.

[00:12:17] And so what is the best return on our money? And in this case. And to your point, maxed out that match. But don’t give them a penny more. Yes. And understanding that, yes, the stock market is doing amazing as we sit in record this today. There’s going to be a correction. And so. You might have these great gains on paper, but Intel, you realize that into an asset that you have control over, such as we have a lot of people that loan us from self-directed IRAs and put that money into a. You know what asset like a rental until you do that. You don’t have anything and you might be able to. Sandifer. Yeah, my my account has a net worth of X, OK, that it’s the same thing as gambling. Literally the same thing. Until you wait until you get up from a table, you don’t know what you have.

[00:13:15] So I’m not not not going in any way. But if you if you have a match, go up to your max match. You don’t invest a penny more inside of your your company.

[00:13:25] Yeah. And the good thing about this is they know for employees who are hired to a certain date and a fit, that criteria you’re vested 1 percent already and I’m not perfect. Let’s do it. You know what? I don’t want to wait five years for the autumn match or whatever it was. I think it’s 30. But yeah, it is cool. So. Yeah, so. I don’t know. This is how the show goes, right? I get off in these dances and we just chase it.

[00:13:53] But the reason why I talk and talk with me is chasing a rabbit when I go up and speak like literally watching me speak as fun. We speak in a bunch of local events and it literally is just like whoosh in totally different directions.

[00:14:11] Oh, good. You and I are kindred spirits there. Let’s vibe of net. But so I reached out to you through Facebook. Right. I was I was gonna go back and look at the poster. I was like, oh, just I’ve gotta get this. Go on. But it was something you posted just a few days ago. And there’s such great advice. Right. Is is in our self-manage. But I used to. And so this is along the lines of post. You know, there was today is a 6 for most of us. It’s late notice day. Everyone gets one no matter what. You can choose to follow later, but today you give them a notice. Yeah, my state filing system. And that is such great advice because if you have one of those tenets that is routinely pay in late or is late this time, because in January I think this is January is usually the the month when I did self-manage where I got most of the hey, I don’t have my money this month.

[00:15:09] Right. Everyone is everyone dree recovering from Christmas because every time. We didn’t know it was going to come this year. But yeah, you know, fortunately fortunately Christmas showed up and so everyone’s recovering. And when I did self-manage, I don’t either. In fact, I recommend if you hear nothing else, I. Sanlikol. Self-managing was the thing that slowed me down the most of my business because I don’t like. No one goes out and says, I’m gonna become a lawyer, right? No one says I’m gonna go out and become an accountant. We all say we’re gonna be real investors, but we choose to become property managers, right? No. Just bring on a professional that that is their exact job and we can maybe dive down that hole later. But I literally sold myself down by two years by self-managing where what I should’ve been doing is out finding deals and finding opportunities and growing my business. But with all of that said, if you’re going to self-manage, you have to have a system. We had a set of tenants that at one time it was multi-family complex. One month I literally had every single tenant in court for paying. Every tenant. And funny enough, have mid-January.

[00:16:19] But. You have to have a system, right? Everyone gets a notice. Everyone goes to court. Even after I’m granted an eviction, I can choose not to enforce that. And so there’s just power in the guys. We’re gonna follow the system. You’re going to have a late fee associated with court fees or whatever you have written into your lease. And then, you know, that’s gonna be what it’s going to be. And at the end of the day, I can’t be.

[00:16:49] You can’t be a property manager if you’re if you have a bleeding heart, and a lot of us do and I do as well, right? Yeah. But I hear what you’re saying. I feel for you guys. Hey, just get this resolved before we get to court is literally all I’d say. I’m Rick. I’m required to give you this notice.

[00:17:06] And that’s a lot softer way than I’ve put it in the past. There’s there’s some other. So that’s awesome. It’s good.

[00:17:13] In fairness, man, I wanted the guy’s ever gonna listen to anything I say, but there was one dude at one of my first units that didn’t pay and I needed the money. And like we talked about earlier, I’m I’m a Marine. I literally screamed at this dude, top of the top of my lungs, screamed at this dude, and he didn’t deserve it. You know, he was just doing the best for him and his family. And I think that’s it to that often. And you’re like. It’s just a it’s it’s just a business. Here’s the paper. And like, hey, either pay me or don’t. Yeah, I’m going to follow my rules and you’re to follow your rules and it’ll work out.

[00:17:54] And, you know, if somebody does have a soft heart and you and you know that about yourself, then you just need to skip being a property manager altogether. Yeah, well, it’s going to start out that way to here in Charlotte.

[00:18:07] I’ll give a shot to my property manager. Michael Bowman and Charlotte, who even last night he shows up to a networking event and he’s talking business.

[00:18:17] Me and. He just takes care everything. We had a funny side story, that is. I had a tenant on Friday. Give me a 30 day notice. OK. Part of the business. And so I had emailed the team and like, OK, well, they set up a show. And so I knew. So we can do the walk through. Take take a look at what needs to be fixed in this case. I’m actually taking some I’m going to go do the walk through because we might be selling the property. Normally, I wouldn’t in this case go into. And so as he’s getting ready, scheduled, that they’re like, oh, we’ve decided we want to stay and want to sign another year lease. So what happened in the last weekend that they decided to change your mind?

[00:18:58] Oh, they went out and looked it. They is I can’t find anything comparable. And they want to try to lock in a low rate. Okay. Well, if you stay, we’re going to bump it up to market rent.

[00:19:08] So you’re not. It’s just fun. The tenants are funny things. Yeah, they are. And I’m glad I do not deal with them. And I have a great property manager, too. Matter fact. So we invest kind of all over the place. I’m located in Pensacola, Florida, and it’s an extremely hot market. We haven’t been able to find deals in this market for a couple years now. And but I will say that I’ve started I found a awesome property manager in Mobile, Alabama. And I look for properties there. Right. Because I know that property manager is so solid matter fact.

[00:19:48] I’ve got to call with them today and I’ve got some I’ve got a self-directed IRA. Back to the four one K and I’ve got some money there. This kind of burning a hole in my pocket. I need to put it to work. And I’m hoping he’s got something going on that I can dive into. But.

[00:20:05] Well, Jane, you point out all sorts of things. Yeah. For silver. Anybody listening? We have a couple of things. Jay is clearly a buyer in both Pensacola and Mobile and Mobile. So if you’ve got a deal, your first call needs to be to Jay.

[00:20:20] I appreciate that. He points out a second really important thing.

[00:20:24] Guys, you don’t have to invest where you live. Yeah, I do virtual wholesale deals all the time with people. One of my favorite ones was the other way, somebody at virtually wholesale me in Charlotte. I again go into a networking meeting and the meeting got canceled on me somehow. Which leads to another great story. But I showed up to a meeting that didn’t exist basically, and I was kind of frustrated. But an e-mail comes popping across and they’re like, Hey, I’ve got this opportunity. That’s a couple of blocks from where I’m at. I cringe over there. I pull up in front of the house and why I call him immediately. And I say, hey, I’ll take it. I want to say it’s 20 grand for a house or something. And Charlie, that’s a great deal. He’s like, well, I need you to see the property first. OK. I’ll be there in 10 minutes. Yeah, dude, I’m standing outside of the house. I’ll take it. Okay. We’ll go inside the lockbox code. OK, I’m like rolling my eyes at this point. Go to the walk-through, it’s in decent condition. Need some work? Great. I literally know who my buyer already is for it. Yeah, I’ll take it. He gets me the contract I make. I make one call to make sure somebody is coming to a networking event. And then I go to my networking event that night. I sign the contract made five grand or something in three hours, work virtually wholesale. And the funny part about it is that like other people.

[00:21:47] They would have taken time and done all this research. Guys, just take the action. Yeah, right.

[00:21:53] Yeah. There’s a big thing that I see, you know. I don’t know. I don’t know why. But we all fall victim to this. Especially when you start now. Is that oh, should I do this? Just. Just do it. Just do whatever it is, you know? But one of the things that I’ve focused on myself is forget in the book. You may know this book, but it basically says it’s the one thing. Right?

[00:22:20] That’s my that’s my number. Three book. Yeah. So I was number one to number two. So we’ll get the list for several Mison. Number one book of all time that everyone in America should read is the richest man in Babylon. Hands down the best financial advice for the largest percentage of people that would do the best good is the rich man about. I have no trouble with that book.

[00:22:41] I don’t know why, but I think because I try to consume it on audio in the narrator. I just couldn’t. Anyway.

[00:22:49] There’s a couple different there’s a couple of narrators. There’s a version on YouTube for free. So in weightlessness it’s four hours. It’s told in parable formats. Looks like the same format the bible is told in how they tell a story to make a point. Right. Rich Man of Babylon. Number two is the alchemist. Number three is the one thing. Number four is the 10x rule. And then number five is cash flow diaries by GMAC. In disclosure, number five is the first real estate book. And so the other ones get mindset of financial freedom to get you in the right place to start wholesaling.

[00:23:26] Like it? Yeah. It’s a great starting points. And, you know, a lot of people when they when they want to work with me are like, hey, how do I get started? We’ll go read a book. Oh, I read that. I read the synopsis. If you won’t read it for our book, you’re not going to do the hard stuff I need done so. Good. Good luck.

[00:23:49] Good luck, man. Sorry I got nothing for you. Yeah, it’s literally. Yeah. You probably fall in the same thing in the same boat. But when people have the more conversations you’re having, the more and you do a lot more networking than I do. But people do to mentor them and coach them. Right.

[00:24:07] 24/7, literally. I get three, three texts or calls a day.

[00:24:12] Yeah. And it’s funny how when you tasso. Okay. Here’s what I need to do. And they don’t do it. All right. That was a shot. I don’t know if you give them second chances or not, but I do not do.

[00:24:25] I actually have stepped away from entering a little bit. And let’s not say that I still don’t help people as as needed. But I used to actually do like a mentoring and smuggle stuff. And what I came to realize is if you’re not going to do it for yourself. You’re not going to do it for me. And here’s what my paraphrase some of the items from actually a meeting last night. A lot of people, they don’t want a mentor. What they want is they want somebody that they can ask a question to. Can we have Facebook? Like choose three people on Facebook and and value their opinion or they want to be told what to do. Kate, if you’re a entreprenuer, you shouldn’t need anyone to tell you what to do. And if you need someone, tell you what to do. You’re not an entrepreneur. It’s that simple.

[00:25:17] Yeah. And some of the things that I run across, too, is they want somebody to do a forum, 110 percent.

[00:25:24] And it’s such a line out to me more than anything.

[00:25:28] It’s such a line of like, man, I really want to help, but I can’t I can’t want it for you either. For anyone. Just don’t post the video. But I a signed city in the back my room here. And it says it will work for millions.

[00:25:41] It’s like a homeless site. It doesn’t like a homeless. That’s what it is.

[00:25:45] And so, guys, I’m gonna work for my millions. Yeah. I don’t need someone to give it to me. I don’t need. So I’m smil here. Martin, I hear my son just got up in the other room. And so the boss is is an excited person. But anyways, I don’t need someone who’s to work for it. I’ve got my kids, my wife, that that’s my motivation to work for it and build what we’re building and, you know, change our family tree.

[00:26:10] Yeah. Where? Maybe she jumped into it at the beginning. But guys, I grew up in L.A. like mom and dad were teachers. We we didn’t have extras. There wasn’t any extra money. You know, the bill collectors calling on a daily basis to try and get some bill paid. And like if you don’t recognize the number, you didn’t pick up the phone type thing. So, you know, it’s just a different lifestyle that I want my family and, you know, the circle around me to live a different lifestyle. My my son has been out of the country. He has a passport. Like, how many people how many people listening have never been out of the country? My son’s eighteen months old, has been at the country since eighteen months old, has stamps on his passport. Like it’s why I didn’t get a passport till I was thirty something. Yeah, I was mid-twenties for sure. And it’s just such a. He’s going to live such different lifestyle that it’s amazing and fantastic. I have to work to make that happen.

[00:27:06] Yep. Yep. Back on the mentoring piece. I’m with you. I don’t get I don’t do paid mentorships. I do have that mastermind right when you get home and it’s essentially just a gym membership. Right. Massive bunch of different, though, martial arts mentorship. Right. Correct. Yeah. There is a huge difference. Quite frankly, I think the best mastermind calls that we have are the ones that I’m not on. And I’ve told this to the group is that when we’ve got a couple people that only those are your son, too.

[00:27:40] That’s awesome. I have a really good Mike. And so we’ll leave that one. And if it gets annoying, we’ll edit the rest out as well.

[00:27:49] That’s why I’ve probably got another 20 minutes before my crew starts making sure didn’t get going too. So. But yeah, it’s more like it’s a gym membership. Right. And you’re you want that accountability because frankly, I don’t have a gym membership. What I do is it’s enough for me. Right. You’re the house quite severe. And I’m really out of shape. You know what I’m talking about? Gym memberships.

[00:28:15] But anyway, you have a mental gym membership is as your mastermind.

[00:28:20] Mastermind, and that’s it. And that’s it. You know, we’ve got people most um, we’re on Facebook, most um, I’ve connected through Facebook. And that it’s it’s more than just a post or a comment. You know, it’s a virtual lives session like we’re doing right here. So I highly recommend the mastermind way. Right. If you don’t join us, join one, get into some networking events. You know, I imagine there’s a local R-IA for where you’re at and where that happens.

[00:28:50] We have. Yeah. We’re so blessed in Charlotte, like. And I hate Brad. Yeah. But I love it, man. When when I get done on this call with you, I’m leaving. You go to a breakfast meeting.

[00:29:01] And so in Charlotte, there’s. Fifteen meetings you go to a week. Literally. It’s like a. And there’s probably eight different solid groups that hosts different sets of meetings. And so the funny story that we were gonna get back to is that meeting that was canceled. What had happened is I had gone on, meet up and joined all these Meetup groups and one of the groups didn’t keep their calendar up to date properly.

[00:29:30] So I show up to Golden Corral and I. Guys, I got another one, Golden Crown. I am not a Golden Corral person. That’s not me. I’m not either. But so I grabbed my Pepsi and a slice of pizza. And I’m sitting in the back like a waiting for new would show up and no one did. Frustrated about that and do this in your welcome market. That doesn’t exist yet.

[00:29:50] On the on the Charlotte, like, we have a general Charlotte networking page for real estate investors. One, if you don’t have a general networking page for your area, go form that. Part two of that was I then took all of the local events and put them on one calendar. And so there is a Google calendar for all of Charlotte. And if there’s a meeting that I even though I’m not going to go to it like those meetings I don’t go to, it’s probably not true.

[00:30:17] But there’s things I mean, I don’t go to just cause the timing.

[00:30:21] We’ll say that. Yeah. It’s not like I just like with the content, but. They’re still on the counter. And so every person asked about a meeting. Yes. Here you go. Here’s fifteen networking opportunities. Tell me why you can’t make one of them. Yeah. Oh, you can’t do mornings, OK. There’s forty seven at night. You can’t do evenings. There’s three morning meetings. You can’t do any of it. There’s two of them that are virtual. Yes. Tell me, tell me where you keep making excuses.

[00:30:49] Well, quite quite frankly, that’s why I created the the mastermind, because it’s it’s virtual. And I don’t know how many how many kids you have. Sorry I ask you that when you’re taking us up.

[00:31:00] Mitt, Mitt, Mitt. And holding holding fingers, that doesn’t help anyone for anyone not being video held up. Please, please let the record reflect. Taylor held up one finger. One finger. So. So I’ve got three. They’re all five and under. And so it’s a little bit of a hassle, right? How you get out of bed in the morning. Good for you.

[00:31:18] Well, I have an amazing life back to that part where you have a significant other who fully supports what you’re doing right. Without her being on board. None of this would happen. Right. So but I I I don’t go to those networking events because it’s time away from from film. So I did create the virtual mastermind to where all the whole all the calls are hosted here. Right. So we may hear scream a little bit. That’s OK.

[00:31:48] Perfect. Perfect. Man, that’s that’s cool. And again. How different is their life going to be than yours was? Right.

[00:31:54] Like, it’s already tremendously different. Yeah. And that’s just to clarify.

[00:31:59] That’s not not not a knock on my parents. My parents gave us everything that we needed and could make it.

[00:32:05] They did the best they could in a week when we started. I have a twin brother.

[00:32:10] So Taylor was us with him, right? I do. Taylor wears a hoodie. Ed wears a hat. So guess if you run into one of us, that’s how you know.

[00:32:18] But we had to when we first got started, we had poor parents side and be like, guys, we’re going to say things that might sound like we’re being negative and we’re not. It’s just they told us the the line of go to college, get a job, get married, have some kids, work for 40 years and you can retire with a gold watch. Right. Like that’s what was taught to us then. It’s not that annuity different. That’s just what they knew. And guys, we just all know that that system is now broke. Yeah. You can’t do that today. We know there’s a better way. I know there’s no one on this caller on this podcast that couldn’t be financially free in five years. Yeah. And I just. Man, I I can’t imploring you enough. Just go do the work. And if in. Hey, guys, I’m brave. If you need someone to talk to. Obviously, Jase masterminds that the starting point. But if you want a quick consult, 7 0 4 7 2 8 7 8 8 0. Taylor, USFL cell phone call me number one more time.

[00:33:19] Seminal for j7 is on Saturday or 7 to 8 7 8 8 0.

[00:33:27] And I’ll make sure to put that in the show. Notes heinkel out. I’d love to chat with anyone. I’ll point in the right direction. Like Jay said, I don’t actually do a ton of mentoring one because it would be cost prohibitive for you to actually get the amount of time you’d need and to.

[00:33:42] If you’re not going to do it for yourself, you’re not gonna do it for me. Yeah, but I. I’ll point with all that said, I’ll still points in the right direction and I’ll I’ll give you some tips. But man, I need you to want it bad enough for you.

[00:33:54] I need you want about bad enough for your kids in one of my partners who were interviewed on bigger pockets and he gave out his cell phone number to. And during the show and you could tell he was going to do it. And I was like. What do you do? He goes, look, he has the hundreds of thousands of people. Whoever is going to listen to this, maybe 1 percent is going to actual call maybe.

[00:34:15] Yeah, I get it. He’s right. He’s right. Three calls per podcast. I do. Yeah. And normally it’s just. Hey, Taylor, real appreciate the content guys meant in all seriousness. That means so much like I don’t need your validation. Bye, guys. The fact that I know that I’m helping somebody change their family tree. That’s a reason we do it. If I change a hundred if I change a hundred people J change a hundred people and those hundred people change a hundred people. You don’t have to go one more before you get to a million people’s lives change.

[00:34:45] So it’s definitely. It is very rewarding to to wake up and have those e-mails or text or so. Hey, thank you. You know, and for whatever what they’re talking about, it’s it’s it is one of the guys do it, right?

[00:35:00] Yeah. One of the calls once I pushed some of the other day. And some dude comes on, he says, Hey, Taylor, I don’t do anything in your.

[00:35:10] In your industry, I’m not I’m not real estate. I just wanted, you know, I really appreciate what you do. And it was so and so from Pakistan was due to Pakistan. How cool is how can we do? And, you know, he found inspiration in my quotes and inspiration in my Facebook stuff. If you want to see that and you’re not on my page, I’m actually maxed out at Five Thousand Friends. Try to add people like Jay-Z. When I’m adding people, I’m always looking for who has the most mutual friends, because that means that they’re on the same journey as me.

[00:35:46] Exactly. If you want if you wanted to, you could go to Jay’s page or my page. And there’s a follow thing where you can just follow my posts and it’ll show those to you as well.

[00:35:55] You know, I’ll make sure to put that on the show notes as well. So you’re in Charlotte. Do you invest just in Charlotte? I realize there’s a lot of business stuff that we didn’t get into.

[00:36:04] I don’t really get to do. So we’ll need a part to the list.

[00:36:08] Let’s back up for a bit and talk about your resumé as a real estate investor. Right. You’re focused on buying hold right now, but you mentioned doing some virtual wholesaling. But you’re you’re in Charlotte. Do you invest just in Charlotte or do you have multiple markets you focus on?

[00:36:24] Yeah. So primarily we’re in Charlotte. I’m now actually branching into another local market. Myrtle Beach. Try to find. In fact, I have some opportunities to go look at down there. So it’s for me, it’s about three hour drive. I I’ve to figure out when probably this week I’m gonna get down there either Thursday or Friday and get those looked at. But primarily frivolous. And yet we’re we’re investors in Charlotte and not because Charlotte’s the best market there is. What I find so much opportunity in my home market that I don’t have to go anywhere else for most people. You drive. You drove by more opportunity yesterday than you can monetize in a lifetime. You just didn’t know it. Right. That that house that has the overflowing mailbox, that house with the tall grass my city tracks, whose grass is cut by the city.

[00:37:15] Well, those might be people in need of some support.

[00:37:19] Yeah, I have this argument with my CPA. At least once a year. But every mile that I drive is for research.

[00:37:29] No, no. Well, so that’s why you have two cars, right? My actually, my car. Every mile I drive and every every meal I eat is real estate related. And here’s my challenge. Find one person I talked in last year that didn’t know I was real estate. Yeah, but go find one. My Uber drivers when I’m riding in the car with them. Hey, that’s a captive audience. And on top of that, it’s a captive audience who drives around all day. You have a new bird dog. Exactly. That’s brilliant. Yeah. Yeah. Well, I tried. I tried to in the mail people for both bird dogs. Yeah. And I’ve never found one that successfully wanted to do it or they were scared they were gonna get in trouble.

[00:38:07] So yeah that would I could see where that may cross the line a little bit. Conflict of interest. I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s a great idea though.

[00:38:17] All I’m telling you to do it, you know, u._p._s, delivery drivers, GrubHub like any of these stuff where people drive it. But yeah, so primarily we’re in Charlotte.

[00:38:34] I appreciate you using the mute button there. I do that so often. And you’re right. The video I don’t use a video, but if you just always blow it. I appreciate that me. But now does that.

[00:38:49] So I appreciate that I have a little bit of a cough. And so I’m trying to I’m trying to fight through it. But I’ll start that again. Yeah. So Charlie’s primary investing market, what we have found is that there’s a lot of people that need our help. And so there’s a bunch of lists out there, the best one for me personally. If I was getting started today, what would I do? I would go doorknock pre foreclosures in your market. Don’t call, don’t do anything you can do that like as you scale, you’ll have to start doing that because you can’t. Door knock every door. But if I was just starting out today, I would go door, knock the pre foreclosures and then drive for dollars.

[00:39:28] That’s it. That’s all I would do if I was driving for dollars. I’d go get 50 leads a day. Go get those 50 leads. Skip Trace today and call them today. That would be a complete cycle of action. And I would do that every day. If you did that in your local market, you would have a deal in two weeks. Yeah. If in two weeks you don’t post the results in JS Mastermind post results to me. You’re not doing something right. Yeah.

[00:39:55] I’m going to lean on you to tell them what they did because I’ve never done skip tracing. I’ve never done wholesaling. That’s just I tried it when I very first started a bottle list and quickly discovered that my criteria was not accurate. That happens. I’ve flip the flip the equity on the properties when I did it up. Leaderswho. It wasn’t that. What was it? Doesn’t matter what it was, it was wrong. You made it. You made an error. Yeah. I made an error. And I was like, this is not for me, but it was enough to know. I was hesitant because I don’t have a very outgoing personality. Right. Part of the reason why I don’t go to so many networking events is I am I’m an introvert. And when people hear that, they’re like. But you have his punk ass. I am extremely comfortable with Mohammed Camaron, the keyboard. Yes. It’s something I can control. It’s usually one on one. You put me on a crowd. I shut down pretty quickly.

[00:40:51] I am actually the ultimate introvert. My very first medium literally hiding in the corner like. Yes. Yes, I really do. And what I what I’ve come to realize and I’m so passionate about real estate is the one thing that’s pulled me out of being an introvert. And so like. In real estate world, I can go speak on a stage. I get hyped up, I get the energy, and as soon as I’m done, I’m like, I have to go hide in my closet and go hide in my office here for three days and decompress from it. But I get such a high from from being around people and sharing the experience and growing their self-awareness that I fight through to do it. But I challenge a. Anyone that anyone. Listen to this and has the ability you should start a local meetup. My first meetup we started was in an I-Hop. Yeah. When I went on, I hop and I said, Hey, guys, what’s the slowest night you have Wednesday? This, I hope, happens to have like a side room kind of thing. Hey, if I brought 30 people in on a Wednesday night, could you guys support that? We sure could. Yeah. And yeah, it didn’t. The media still goes on now. It’s five years later every Wednesday. And I hop here in Charlotte. There’s a meeting. And you know, that group and a bunch of other stuff. But so that was our portfolio or leading to that. How long have you been investing? Yeah. The short version of Taylor is I was laid off and fired twice.

[00:42:23] I want to get into that because the comment I heard was I was laid off and fired twice in the same week by the same company.

[00:42:29] Did I? Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So I was laid out. This is this one where I was. I had a job and we both agreed I wasn’t coming back to work. So I don’t. I didn’t want to be there and he didn’t want me there. I don’t know what that says. He gave me a week of severance. So I had a job the next day. And so a second job working there for a month or two. And I guess that was someone’s job that was to make sales, right? In every organization, you have to make sales. He didn’t know how to do his job. So the shift I was on got called into work on a Friday. And told, hey, don’t come on Thursday and said, hey, don’t come back to work tomorrow. OK. So I went home and cried about it over the weekend, that Tuesday, they called me back and said, hey, come back to work. I’m like, OK, cool. Come back in the next day, either Tuesday or Wednesday, whatever it was. And I’m the only person that callback out of that whole shift. And some work on this new shift and that next Friday. That shift got laid off. So I got laid off by the same company twice in two weeks. And I told him I’m like guys, like, literally hiding my car because I’m concerned about it getting towed. Like my my cell phone’s about to be shut off. Three dollars to my name. And I’m like, guys, don’t take this personal, but if I leave today without a job, I can’t come back. And so I went to my mentor. He’s a millionaire.

[00:43:51] Real estate. And I said, I don’t care what you need done. I didn’t ask her to mentor me. I didn’t ask anything. I said, I don’t care what you need done. You need paint delivered. You need house pictures. You whatever you need. I’ll do it.

[00:44:06] Ok. So she said, OK, we’ll show up at my house and, you know, again to the early thing actually got up early back then I was early.

[00:44:14] David, go home.

[00:44:17] So got up, got up and was at her house at 7:00. And I think the first day was, hey, go deliver paint an hour way. She gave me some cash for gas. I put the the the painting in my car and delivered it. And then when I got back, guess what? I got to ask a couple of questions of a millionaire for a couple of minutes. How did you find this millionaire real estate investor? I never got it. She was. She was the leader, one of the networking events. And, you know, she’d give her cell phone. So I just said, hey, how do you need help? It turned into to eventually million paid. Something really exciting, like fifteen bucks an hour to help.

[00:44:56] And the bottom line is, you took action. You’re back to one of the very first things that we talked about was you. You took action. You just did something.

[00:45:03] Yeah. So. It turned into doing a rehab with her, actually. I found a great deal, as were at her rehab. I pull up in the front yard, I’m assembly some IKEA cabinets, don’t ever trust contract to do that. They’re gonna screw it up, some assembly, some IKEA cabinets and a work truck pulls up OUTFRONT and my car is in the way. So I walk out front and it wasn’t a work truck. It was a tow truck towing my car. So I had my car repossessed from from the outside, from the job site with my millionaire mentor standing right there. You want to talk about a humbling experience? Yeah, that was that was a. And then tuberose anything then. So my millionaire mentor had to drive me an hour and a half out of the way to drop me off at my house. Pretty. I was a mentor, by the way. It was a well, awesome. It is. She’s good people. But it was a humbling experience. And and like it’s funny the jokes now, but at the time like that was that was very real. All right. I’ve been laid off and my car was just actually twice I had been working for her. So she front of me the money that I had earned to get my car back and some other stuff. But like at the time, it was very real. So there’s people listening there like, man, I’m in that boat. You can do this. Yeah. Right. Like, there’s opportunity. You drive by. There’s a vacant house down the street from you guys. Just go look at the owner and call them.

[00:46:30] Yeah. I will say, though, we are in a hot job market. And if you’re getting laid off right now, something’s wrong. And you probably don’t need to be working that job anyway. For sure. And today, that’s true. Yeah. In another two years, it’s not going be the case. I agree. I think there’s something that’s gonna happen for sure. We’ll see. Maybe you and I are wrong.

[00:46:51] Well, I. I pray to be wrong, but I think I’m right. Yeah. The the economy is go in cycles and it has to happen for the health of the economy. And we see the currently. This is this Illouz kind of context as we get further, further out from today.

[00:47:10] But we see money being pumped into other markets, you know, billions and billions of dollars being propped up to uphold other markets. And as we go through four for us, it’s know twenty twenty. So we have an election year. Yep. And during election year, there’s one side of the equation that wants the economy to do real well. One side that wants to do terrible. And so there’s a battle going on. Yeah, but that’s going to continue. And so through the end of the year, probably a pretty strong economy.

[00:47:44] Yeah. I think at least until the re-election happens it’ll everybody’s gonna be fine.

[00:47:49] Right. I you know, I don’t have a fight in it one way or the other, literally. I don’t know anything about politics. I try to stay entirely out of it.

[00:47:57] And none of that influences my politics of my house, like the money that’s waste you’re spending. You know, Washington doesn’t influence my House budget. And I think a lot of people need to stop focusing on what they’re doing and focus on your stuff first. Go make yourself a billion dollars and then be able to change the dynamic of the conversation. Yep.

[00:48:19] Stress is one of the best things I did. Probably 15 years ago now. Sorry to cut you off was to take something out of Tim Ferris’s four hour work week. In turn, the news off I I have not was mainstream media news and I don’t know how long. I mean, it’s been literally fifteen years. Now, if a story comes up, I only get the 50 minute snippet before they start pounding it into you. I’ll do that. But I don’t watch anything.

[00:48:46] You know, it’s I mean, I think he’s a charitable left. I think he’s got a saying in there. Something like. And I forget what he calls it. But if it’s a big enough news story, I’m gonna hear about it. Yeah, it’s going to make it. Do you write it today? We’re currently having the thing with Iran. Like that’s going to be what it’s gonna be. And so, like, I know about it because enough people are talking about it. Yes. But buttons following, you know, following an independent news or you’re watching the TV the other day and it says it’s Sunday afternoon. We’re watching a football game, actually. And the ad comes on. Tune in tomorrow morning for the weather. Wait, you want me to wait 12 hours?

[00:49:22] I had the weather literally on my. What-What’s for me to wait 30 hours?

[00:49:28] But no, we we don’t we don’t follow mainstream media. What I will say is that personally, whatever you believe. I think if Trump is reelected, we continue to have a stronger economy for a little bit time. Right. To give whoever the Democrats elect is elected. There will be a contracting the market in a very short succession as employers won’t have the. The funds available through tax breaks and blah, blah, blah, whatever, like. I’m not gonna go all into it. All right. I think I think if a Democrat is elected, the contraction will happen sooner.

[00:50:02] Yeah. And I would think if Trump is reelected and. I think that there will be a small correction. Right. I think we’ll get past the reelection and then a small correction will happen that way. The economy boost again and Trump goes out of his presidency with a real strong economy.

[00:50:24] That sounds like a real estate plan. And there’s other people that casting 2000 sorry, 2023. Twenty four is when the recession hits, because that’ll be the end of Trump’s presidency. I’m not saying it has any influence on me, but not that it doesn’t have influence on me. Right. I’m not like immune to it somehow, but on the grand scheme, I can’t change any of it. I think a Democrat in office is going to be better for my business because there’ll be more opportunity to solve problems. People in real need. Gotcha. And what we do is solve problems. So it’s, you know, there’s people that won’t be able to afford to pay mortgages.

[00:51:03] How do we ever looked at it that way? It’s what we do to solve problems.

[00:51:08] Yeah. And so there’ll be more problems solve.

[00:51:11] Yeah. So it’s amazing how quickly. Forty five minutes will go by zip by won’t it. There’s one thing I want to make sure we talk about. You mentioned it earlier is your brother Ed. So you invest with your brother, right.

[00:51:26] Yeah. We, we actually have a really great relationship and I’m fortunate to have some of my brother, he’s my twin brother and so. Okay. I get the opportunity to invest with him. And we have a really good time.

[00:51:43] The reason the reason I bring that up. So I have a brother, too. Now, we’re not twins were we’re 13 months apart. We fought like cats and dogs growing up. You know, I’m sure you and your brother did, too.

[00:51:53] And we had. This does happen. Yeah, it does happen. We we still do.

[00:51:57] Yeah, we had we had the opportunity that I have opportunity to work together a couple different companies.

[00:52:07] And at the end of that second company, we just said, look. It’s probably just not meant for us to work together. Right. There’s nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with it. But, you know, I’m like. I’ve tried to introduce him to what we’re doing. And not very receptive. Right. There’s a lot of people out there like that. He’s not the only family member that’s like that. You know, you mentioned parents. Same as my parents. You know, my my dad retired recently from being the commander in the local fire department. My mom recently retired from being an office manager. Very middle class, you know. So they’re they’re much anymore. Want us to go to college. Right. You know, talking about your parents and their story was go to college. Daj was like, look, governor and trade get a good job. They probably gave you the better advice and they did it. I’ve said so many times that the best best advice my dad ever gave me that I did not take was when I was in high school. And he said, look, because, you know, most farm and have a second job.

[00:53:14] Right. And most. Why would do it? Because you work. You work eight. Twelve hours are eight to twelve days a month. Yeah. And then you’re off.

[00:53:21] Yeah, the investing firemen know if you know Mike Webb. He’s got it going on, but in high school my dad’s in. He had all the connections, too. But he said, look. And as your sophomore year gets your license. Take that summer and work for an electrician the next summer.

[00:53:39] Take it and work for a plumber in the third summer. Work for just a general carpenter.

[00:53:45] And he had all the ice and I didn’t take him up on it. I was like, no, I don’t want to do that.

[00:53:51] I mean, if that’s it, then need to be like the liner of the show right there. That’s the best advice.

[00:53:55] And that is the best advice I ever received from him that I did not take in. I’m thinking, you know, now that we’re in this real estate biz, how much that would have helped me. You know, just understand the business that much more.

[00:54:07] Well, we we own a carpet cleaning company. Right. And if somebody was to go figure out how to get a carpet cleaning truck, it’d be probably 70 grand all in like it’s not a huge investment you’d make, right? About a hundred dollars an hour. Yeah. Any carpets? You don’t have to be. You don’t have to have a, you know, a billion master’s degrees and stuff. And it’s nothing bad with that. I’m not knocking anyone that has that. But if you just wanted the trade. Clean carpets.

[00:54:38] But you’re right. But that was that was me. I wanted to have the degrees. I wanted all this, and I think I’m better for it. But I wish I would have taken him up on that advice. Yes. But to that point, you know, my brother and I were definitely not as close as it is you and your brother in.

[00:54:55] You know, he’s he does an investor.

[00:54:58] Yeah. And we have other family members that, you know, we’ve invited on the journey and they’re on a different path than us. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

[00:55:07] We invited a lot of my parents and they politely said no. Yeah. So we invited one of mine. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? It’s not for them, not for everybody. But it’s also, you know, they were raised in a different time. Right. It was that the whole pension thing worked 40 years. One place to get the get the gold watch, whatnot. That was very much the speech we got.

[00:55:28] So, yeah, my we have them number and he was unemployed. So we invited him to come out for the summer. Told him I’d pay him, I’d give him place to stay. I’d make sure he was fed. And we teach him how to do what we did. And instead of doing that, he works at a waterpark. Good for him. And you like that him or has kids and you’re like, yeah. I don’t know if that was the best choice. Like, I’m sure it was, as always. People do the best for them. But, man. How different could their life have been if they came out and saw what we did, how we do what we do?

[00:56:09] It wasn’t meant for them, right? It’s. It’s everybody. No. And if you’re one of those people who try to bring other people along with you, you can get upset when somebody says, no, I can’t, I can’t do it for you.

[00:56:20] It’s the eighth and we already have a contract. So in a week. You know, the eight genera in one week I have. Maybe I should put a date on there, you guys. We might not release for months, but one week we have a contract. OK. Sell one contract for five grand. Do it again next week. Yeah.

[00:56:39] That’s awesome. So the reason I bring up you brought any for because there’s so many PR guys out there about talking about investing with family members, not investing family members. Any advice for somebody who has a brother or sister or sibling that they’re trying to work together? What are some of those things that you and your brother fight about? And how do you guys resolve those those issues?

[00:57:03] Yeah, I mean, obviously, we have disagreements. It’s just going to happen. What I have to realize is that we’re building something that will last for three hundred years. And so what color over this phrase, by the way? I don’t know. Nothing I say is nothing I say is original. Let’s just assume that.

[00:57:21] Me either. So but so that is my big goal, right. Is to to to create three hundred years of generational wealth. I got it from somewhere on Facebook and I’m willing to bet I’ll take all.

[00:57:35] Or it was you. I’ll take it. I’ll take the assignment. Yeah I know.

[00:57:40] But it’s it’s I want to create for 300 years and people like. Well why not. Four hundred. Right. Snarkily. Well if it doesn’t last 300 then nothing else matters. Like if it can prolong 300 years it can withstand anything. Yeah. How different are we today than the environment was 30 years ago. So 30 years in the future we’ll have that change time. Something like it’ll be exponentially more. When we’re planning for Friday. Right?

[00:58:09] Changes matter in that short time span, right, like if we’re trying to if we’re trying to get to Vegas by Friday, well, we got to start taking action today. And it makes a difference if I if I turn left or right coming on my neighborhood. Well, I have 300 years to get there. It doesn’t matter like the disagreements we have are so minuscule because we have such a long reaching vision, what color we paint a wall has zero effect. When I’m planning for 300 years. If I’m planning for just this one flip and we have to do one flip together, then it matters what color we paint the walls because we need a resale. But when we’re planning for three years, it just doesn’t matter. And so when you approach it from like that perspective of guys, so, so little things that actually matter that you need to get upset about. He can just be right. And he does the same thing for me. Like, there’s just. Taylor’s right on this one. Yeah. You know, I’m not sure which one’s right. We we segregate our business. So like he’s got his his. Projects. I’ve got.

[00:59:18] Another call come in. Sorry.

[00:59:24] Radio edit Yeah, so he you know, we’ve got different project to work on. So Ed’s got his projects and I’ve got my projects when his projects come in. He has nine tenths of the vote on it. I can weigh in on it and we’ll check in from time to time. OK. How’s that project going? OK. Hey, here’s what I think. And he’s pulled the trump card and go, hey, this is. This is my project. Is what I’m doing. Pennine. There’s like I mean, we have a little bit of give and take in it like we call it. I can come up with a veto, right? Like I can veto something if I have to. He can veto something on my projects, but in general, it’s his project. Yeah. If somebody was to call me on it and be like, Hey, what’s it doing? I don’t know. Yeah. What? Let me know. Let me know what he’s doing, because I know that he’s doing the best for us, us and our family. Yeah. And I’m doing the same.

[01:00:18] And you make a very interesting point. So I have not thought about it. You say he gets to be right sometimes and I get to be right sometimes. And I think when I think back to when my brother and I worked together and we decided, hey, this isn’t gonna work. I had to be right. Always. I’m okay. Never being right. And I have grown a lot since then. Sometimes I wonder if it was more or less, but. I need to be right. I just want to have the credit right. And now I know you don’t care or care out it. Who gets the credit now? And that has been one of the best things for me to grow up personally in. This may be another one of your close, but it’s you can’t imagine how much you can accomplish when you don’t care about who gets the credit.

[01:01:11] That is not my quote. It is. OK, well, we’ll put it the notes. That is a quote.

[01:01:16] But it’s guys, I don’t care who gets the credit. Yeah. What I do care is that we continue on a daily basis to increase our cash on hand or the cash flow that we receive. And if anyone just did that for their whole entire life, they would be fine. The problem we get into is we get in negotiating, we call it. They even use her own term here. But it’s like bracketing or benchmarking, right? Anchor price increase in negotiation called price anchoring. And we get set on well, minimum wage is seven fifty an hour. Right. And so for the rest of your life, what you do is you compare your wage to minimum wage for the rest of your life and you think, well, the further I get away from minimum wage, the better I’m gonna do. I’m making $30 an hour. And you’re like $30 an hour isn’t anything. You should be focusing on three hundred dollars an hour because we’re taught to price anchor and seven fifty was the price anchor. I mean, it wasn’t a point. And so we’re just trying to grow our cash, our cash flow. We use creative solutions to do that. We buy. We don’t even see that we buy real estate. We buy income streams. Most of our income streams happen to be in real estate. But we have businesses as well to do the same thing. And, you know, continue to grow and look for those opportunities.

[01:02:45] Yeah. That’s again. Love it. Love it. Taylor, I’ve got to wrap up here, man. Thank you for joining me so early this morning. I laugh because it’s not me and it was early for you. But I do appreciate it. Doing it in such quick time, because I think I reach out just a couple days ago and said, let’s do this.

[01:03:04] I’m going to reach out to Jay just for the team listening. I’m reach out to Jay tonight at like 11:30. And we like, hey, I’ve got a couple more hours. Jay, just want to see you. You want a job on the podcast and see the reverse response. You will not get a response. Hey. Again, for anyone looking to reach me. Taylor, you are. Lifting up. But we don’t feel our podcast is the Kings and Queens City.

[01:03:29] You can find us on the socials under that. So Facebook, Instagram, all of that. Kings and Queens City. Taylor Pugh. My number is 7 0 4 7 2 8 7 8 8 0. Tell me some some of that you heard about Jay stuff and I’d love to interact with any of you. Jay, thank you so much for the platform and allowed me to be here.

[01:03:50] Absolutely. I think you’re challenging me without knowing this. I’ve never given up my cell phone number and I’m like, man, can can I have a guest on that, does that and not do it myself?

[01:04:01] So, I mean, it’s it’s scary at first. Yeah, it’s scary first.

[01:04:07] But here’s here’s thing like. People our business talk a lot about, like getting phone numbers for campaigns, stuff and like, yeah, I just have one number. I don’t need I don’t need to remember 14 different numbers. My my wife calls that same number. So here’s the deal. I can block your call if you become annoying or intrusive.

[01:04:33] Yeah, you can reach out to me a metaphor.

[01:04:35] I am going to text you when we had up here because of my number, but my phone goes in to do not disturb at nine o’clock at night. That’s that’s a value that sleep. And that’s what allows me to get up at 4:45 in the morning.

[01:04:49] So I’m going to plug for the follow on session, guys, on the next session with Jay to talk about what he’s doing at SERP. Next time I’m on, why not to? While I’m here to talk about why you use Do Not Disturb. Oh. And the story of the forty four calls I woke up to in the next episode of the next episode.

[01:05:12] Absolutely. Let’s do that. Taylor, thanks again so much. And I will. I’ll talk to you soon.

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