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If you’re on BP just for the calculator, you need to sign up for DealCheck.io. DealCheck.io makes it easy to analyze rental properties, flips & multi-family buildings, estimate cash flow and find the best real estate deals. Available for Desktop, Apple and Android devices.

Over 225,000 rentals have and over 175,000 flips have been analyzed from 100,000+ users over 5 different countries. Use the W2 Capitalist special Promo Code: W2CAP at checkout, try it for 2 months, absolutely free, but be sure you use this promo code to receive an additional 25% off.

EverlyWell – Food Sensitivity Tests, Men’s Health, and Women’s Health

I was introduced to EverlyWell recently and boy am I glad. I’ve been battling with what was believed to be acid reflux and GERD for the better part of 5 years (includes 2nd opinion and a 3rd from Gastro specialist, including an upper endoscopy). After taking the super simple at home Food Sensitivity test (which I was able to pay for with my FSA card), I discovered I have a Gluten food sensitivity and after altering my diet for about a month, I’m no longer taking the ineffective acid reflux medicine, very little Tums, experience no more night sweats nor waking up at night with heartburn. For clarity, Food Sensitive DOES NOT mean food allergy. Food sensitivity is all about how your gastro system processes certain types of food and avoiding those foods I’m highly sensitivity to has made a major difference for me. I haven’t performed any other tests but they have a over 25+ tests including Men’s Health, Testosterone Test, and Women’s Health Test that you can perform from the comfort of your home. Takes 5 weeks to have these processed once Everlywell receives them and the packages come with easy to perform instructions at home. Now, the food sensitivity test is a blood test, so it will require a little prick on your finger (ouch).


Amazon – Everything From A to Z

Amazon – From A to Z. We recommend a lot of books on our sites and podcast and at no additional cost to you we earn a small % for anything you order using our links. For a list of specific books that have pushed me toward real estate investing and financial success, check out the entire list found at HelmsREI.com/read

Stitch Fix

StitchFix – look your best without wasting time of going shopping. If your W2 requires you to look sharp but HATE the idea of shopping for clothes, StitchFix is for you. Work with your personal stylist

Stitch Fix is an online styling service that delivers a truly personalized shopping experience, for you and your family. Fill out your Style Profile and a Personal Stylist will handpick pieces to fit your tastes, needs and budget—and mail them right to your door. Each box contains a curated selection of clothing, shoes and accessories for you to try on at home. Simply keep the items you  love and send back the rest in a prepaid USPS envelope. Shipping and returns are always free—even for exchanges! Start Your Personal Styling Profile today – FREE and receive $25 off your first checkout when you use our links.

Passive Real Estate Investor Academy

A lot of you have asked me about how I got started investing in real estate syndications. When I started, I had to do a TON of research to find out if syndications were legit, and then a ton more digging to find good investment opportunities.

Recently, my friends at Goodegg Investments put together a course that cuts that learning curve in half. Passive Real Estate Investor Academy is a 5-week online course geared toward helping people invest in their first real estate syndication. This course is a game changer, and I highly recommend you check it out. BUT, if you’re not convinced yet, I get it. I’ve been following Annie Dickerson for some time now – featured her in my 12 Sites Every Financial Freedom Seeker Should Know About post and also spent some time with her at a conference we both attended in late 2018.