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If you’re on BP just for the calculator, you need to sign up for DealCheck.io. DealCheck.io makes it easy to analyze rental properties, flips & multi-family buildings, estimate cash flow and find the best real estate deals. Available for Desktop, Apple and Android devices.

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Ever wondered how to find owner contact info? How to skip trace? How to estimate the ARV or run comps? PropStream is THE software and mobile app that I use for this exact reason. For wholesaling beginners to fix and flip experts, check out this in-depth tutorial on the features Propstream has to offer and use the link below to get a 7-day free trial and a discounted subscription.

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Jake & Gino

These guys have so much amazing content through their book and courses, I gave them their own page here: w2capitalist.com/jakeandgino


Just 10 pages a day, that’s all I ask members of the W2 Capitalist Mastermind to read. For me, it’s listening to the audio version. If you need book ideas, check out The Book Club or The Read Page.


This one is for all you meet-up hoarders. This is the last business card you’ll ever need. Blue.Social: The Business Card Reinvented™. Tap your Blue Smart Card on a compatible smartphone to instantly share all your social networks and much more.

Amazon – Everything From A to Z

Amazon – From A to Z. We recommend a lot of books on our sites and podcast and at no additional cost to you we earn a small % for anything you order using our links. For a list of specific books that have pushed me toward real estate investing and financial success, check out the entire list found at w2capitalist.com/read