Welcome to The W2 Capitalist! My name is Jay Helms. I have built this community as a resource for 25-50-year-old married men and women, like you, who have a combined income of more than $100,000 annually that want to build multiple streams of income through real estate investing so that you can be even more present (both mentally and physically) with your spouse and your children. Personally, I want to be the guy that helps you remove ALL of the stress and anxiety that comes with financially providing for your family.

What makes me the expert? I climbed the corporate ladder from 2001-2020 (COVID19 Layoff) but started actively investing in real estate in 2014. At the time I was laid off, we had 3 kids, all under 5, and held a portfolio of 328 units (most of which we still hold today). This portfolio includes single-family residences, small multi-family residences, and apartment syndications. Since my wife and I started investing, we have grown our net worth 10x and increased our annual income by 60% with these rental properties and on May 1, 2020, the day I got the pink slip at 41 years old, I was able to walk away from corporate America and that six-figure income without having to worry about how my wife (the best stay at home Mom on the planet) and I would provide for our growing family.

My Big Hairy Audacious Goal (BHAG) for the W2 Capitalist is to help 1 Million people be less dependent on their W2 income so that, they can be more present for their spouse, be more present for their children and not worry about what might happen if they are laid off or fired from that job. There are approximately 150 million workers in the U.S. today. Now, no reference-able site can attest to just how many W2 workers are in this 150 million but they all agree on a range of 10-30% of that numbers have “alternative employment arrangements”. So using very rough math that’s approximately 100 million W2-earners. If I can help just 1% of those folks, that’s a million people. An opportunity to impact 1 million people’s lives and possibly generationally, get’s me SUPER JACKED!

My personal BHAG: I want to build 300 years of generational wealth for my family. Talk about being SUPER DUPER JACKED!!! Providing generational wealth for my family, for longer than the U.S. has been a nation…LET’S GET IT!!!!

Allow me to be your guide as you become the Hero of your own story. Join us in the W2 Capitalist.



Make An Offer is a short story about an ambitious, recently married young man, named Sawyer, who is struggling to make it above that living from paycheck to paycheck barrier.  He then discovers the power of real estate investing and we ride Sawyer’s emotional roller coaster journey as he goes through dealing with finding the confidence to overcome his analysis paralysis. It is a little bit of get off your ass and get out of your own way combined with specific action steps for the reader to take. 


Through weekly episodes, the W2 Capitalist Podcast is a resource to help you, that 30-40-year old married man or woman, to invest in real estate while working through a successful career so that you and your spouse can build multiple streams of income and eliminate the stress and anxiety that comes with providing for your family. Surviving two acquisitions and one corporate bankruptcy, our founder, Jay Helms, climbed the corporate ladder for 19 years and during the 6 years leading up to his COVID19-layoff in 2020, he and his wife accumulated over 320 units in their rental portfolio while bringing 3 beautiful children into the world. The W2 Capitalist Podcast & Community is here to lead corporate ladder climbers in increasing their wealth by showing them how to add streams of income through Real Estate Investing while not losing sight of their W2 nor fumbling the family life. Each week Jay will interview successful W2 Capitalists. Get ready to EARN. INVEST. REPEAT. your way to building legacy wealth.

And since the podcast has launched in Q1 2019, I’ve put less focus on the Blog but there is some awesome content in there…if I say so myself 🙂 As we are adjusting to life with now 3 kids, I plan to get back to writing soon, but here is the repository of previous articles.


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The purpose of the W2 Capitalist is to be a resource for folks who want to (a) create multiple streams of income, (b) become financially independent or (c) build legacy wealth. The men and women of the W2 Capitalist Mastermind come from around the world and are not just talking about building wealth, THEY ARE building wealth. As a member of this elite Mastermind Group, you’ll have access to tools, resources and most importantly people who are working toward similar goals.


    I want you to join the W2 Capitalist PRO Community, where you’ll learn from other like-minded men and women who will help you grow. We all have different experience levels. From the multi-million dollar investor to the aspiring newbie learning how to evaluate deals, you’ll find someone in our community that you can learn from and others that you can help out along the way. Regardless if you want to be an active contributor or a sponge that observes from the sidelines, Join Us.