Welcome to The W2 Capitalist!

My name is Jay Helms. I have built this community to connect motivated and ambitious W2 employees who have a successful and fulfilling job but want to build wealth for their family through real estate investing.

What makes me the expert? Depends. I’m not the expert to everyone, but I am the expert if you’re behind me on this journey. I’ve been climbing the corporate ladder since 2001 and started actively investing in real estate in 2014. I currently hold a portfolio of 323 units, including single family residences, small multi-family residences and apartment syndications. Since my wife and I started investing, we have grown our net worth 10x and increased our annual income by 60% with these rental properties.

My BIG goal: I want to build 300 years of generational wealth for my family and while I don’t have all the answers, I am on a journey to discover them.

I imagine you have questions and want to discover those answers too. Otherwise, you wouldn’t be here, right?

If you have a successful and fulfilling W2 job but want to build wealth for you and your family, I invite you to join the W2 Capitalist!



The W2 Capitalist Podcast is for motivated and ambitious men and women who want to build greater wealth through real estate investing. Each week I have real, unscripted conversations with successful investors I look up to as well as mentoring sessions I have with a select handful of people I’m helping along in their journey (truth is, I typically learn more from the mentees).

Since the podcast has launched in Q1 2019, I’ve put less focus on the Blog but there is some awesome content in there – if I say so myself 🙂 As we are adjusting to life with now 3 kids, I plan to get back to writing soon, but here is the repository of previous articles.

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The purpose of the W2 Capitalist is to address the gap that exists between having a successful and fulfilling W2 job and building wealth through real estate investing for you and your family. The men and women from around the world are not just talking about building wealth, THEY ARE building wealth. As a member of this elite Mastermind Group, you’ll have access to tools, resources and most importantly people who are working toward similar goals.


I want you to join the W2 Capitalist Community, where you’ll learn from other like-minded men and women who will help you grow. We all have different experience levels. From the multi-million dollar investor to the aspiring newbie learning how to evaluate deals, you’ll find someone in our community that you can learn from and others that you can help out along the way. Regardless if you want to be an active contributor or a sponge that observes from the sidelines, Join Us.