I’ve had a lot of fun launching the podcast this year and so far had some pretty incredible guests on. I can’t wait to see what 2020 has in store, but ICYMI, here are the top 10 most downloaded episodes of the W2 Capitalist podcast in 2019:

10. Mobile Home Park Investing with Tim Kelly and Sydney Barker

9. How to Approach Family and Friends for Potential Partnerships with Danny Randazzo

8. Gary Vee’s Voice is Annoying | Mentoring Nick – The Corporate Recruiter – Session 2

7. Today I Resigned From My W2 of 15 Years

6. Find a Bar Stool to Relax On | Mentoring Eric – The Small Business Owner – Session 2

5. Act with AMAZING Integrity | Creating Home Location Freedom with Husband and Wife Team Omer and Kim Ashkenazi

4. Building Wealth through the Infinite Banking Strategy with Anthony Ornella

3. Worst Day of My Life was Receiving a Platinum Travel Rewards Card | Best Job for a Real Estate Investor: Traveling Salesman with Michael Zuber and Jamie O’Brien

2. Breaking Even is a Lie | Mentoring Preston – The Industrial Salesman – Session 1

And the #1 most downloaded episode of the W2 Capitalist Podcast in 2019 was:

1. Every Day You Are Building Wealth or You Are Not | Your Empire Money Maker with Holly Morphew

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