The Psychology of Negotiating Real Estate…Each month we focus on a different topic to study in the W2 Capitalist Mastermind and each month I bring in a virtual guest speaker who is an expert on that month’s topic. For the month of March 2019 that topic was Negotiating and Marty Nemko is the perfect guest to discuss this with us. Here is why:

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Marty’s Resume Highlights:

  • Career coached over 5500 students 
  • Author of the book Careers for Dummies
  • In his 30th year of hosting “Work with Marty” on NPR-San Francisco
  • Holds a Doctorate in Educational Psychology from UC Berkley
  • Written 12 books and over 3,800 articles on the topic of psychology

Key Discussion Points:

  • Most people want to be liked
  • Cosmic Justice – Stick to the Merit of the Deal 
  • Why you SHOULD hold onto constructive criticism
  • Why do most people struggle with identifying their own awesomeness?
  • Best written negotiation strategies
  • Why am I more interested in people liking me versus gaining the best deal and how it affects my negotiation skills. 

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