Product Review: Kwikset Smartcode 913 Deadbolt

One of the best and simplest home improvement things we’ve done & for our sanity!


Why we own it: It’s inevitable. We pack up to leave, day trip for shopping, the beach, out of town for the weekend, a short trip to the grocery store or to grab a bite to eat…it never fails. Once we’re loaded in our vehicle and out the gate, one of us will remember something we forgot inside and have to turn around and go back in. I used to carry an extra house key in my truck just for this reason.
<Enter the Kwikset Smartcode 913 Deadbolt…the problem solver>

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I installed, re-keyed and programmed in about 30 minutes. Operationally, it is one of the smoothest dead bolts I have. Over 300+ customer reviews on Amazon. 

Kwikset Smartcode 913 Deadbolt

What I love about it:

  • ease of installation – really, it only took me about a 1/2 hour to install, re-key and program and I’ve never re-keyed anything.
  • 16 programmable user codes – who needs that many codes? 🙂
  • equipped with the SmartKey Re-Key Technology – I re-keyed this myself to match the dead bolt on our back door; one less key to carry
  • A set of 4 AA batteries (not included) are supposed to last a few years (we’ll see)
  • One touch locking.
  • Price – These electronic keypads can get very expensive so I shopped around a few months before buying one. A $100 is about the middle of the road.
Other features highlighted on the box:
  • 20 minute fire rating
  • Tamper resistant interior cover
  • Bump Proof / Pick Resistant
  • Compliments any Kwikset Product (knobs, levers, handlesets)
  • Lifetime Warranty on the Finish and Mechanics
  • Automatic door locking after 30 seconds – this is an optional feature. I can see where this will be a huge bonus in certain scenarios. We originally turned this on, but not an option we appreciate with our current setup.

What can improve: while the automated lock is faster than me fumbling with my keys, I wish the motorized opening happened faster. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not to be compared with a turtle. I’ve actually timed it – it beats me fumbling with my keys every time because my hands are usually full. Also not something that will deter me from purchasing another one for one of our Pensacola rental properties.
We’ve had our Kwikset Smartcode 913 Deadbolt installed for about a year now. Great value and function for the money.
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