Jay spent 20+ years in Corporate America climbing the corporate ladder, trying to become rich and wanting to building wealth. He discovered an amazing way to build generational wealth for his family while being focused on the family and producing multiple streams of income, all while excelling at his W2 career.

After just 6 years of actively investing Jay and his wife Cassie accumulated 328 units in their portfolio, Jay left the W2 world and now has more time to focus on raising their 3 amazing and beautiful kids. No more worries about who his next boss will be or what may happen during the next merger/acquisition.

As Jay started investing in real estate and immediately seeing the success it had on his net worth and truly building wealth for their growing family, he felt the need to share these practices and ideas to help everyone, especially young & growing families. Jay believes that everyone can successfully invest in real estate while working a fulfilling and successful W2 job.

That’s why he started the W2 Capitalist. If you’re looking to transform from being just a corporate drone and discover what it takes to become the W2 Capitalist you were meant to be, you’ve come to the right place.

“If you’re ready to start your journey, I invite you to join our community, check out my podcast, and subscribe to my YouTube Channel. You’ll learn from mothers, fathers, husbands and wives just like yourself who have taken a fundamental shift in the way they are building wealth for their families but also excelling at their W2 careers.”


Jay grew up in a small town (Alabama), son of a (now retired) Fireman and Medical Office Manager. Small high school graduating class (88 total graduates), 2.5 college GPA and football walk-on for the Jacksonville State University Gamecocks, MBA from Ellis College, met his wife while we were contestants on a reality TV show (The Catch: Costa Rica) and he was laid off May 1, 2020 from his W2 due to the Rona.


As you can see in his timeline above, Jay had what he now refers to as a false start in real estate investing. What he wants to help you not to do, simply because it put an 8 year pause on his investing and wealth building efforts. When he refers to their very first rental property, this little gem below is what he’s talking about:

A one bedroom, one bath 600 square foot foreclosure that Jay and Cassie purchased for $22,000. They put $9,000 into fixing it up and the moment it was ready they placed a tenant paying $600/month. You can read the full article here. Now, Jay and Cassie are up to 328 Units just 8 years from what they called “The Little Yellow House”.

Don’t be a corporate drone. Learn the EARN. INVEST. REPEAT. lifestyle. We all work way too hard not to earn more. Jay’s discovered that once he was able to offload their wealth building tasks to real estate, he became a better and more motivated W2 employee. And that is why he started the W2 Capitalist.