Welcome to The W2 Capitalist.

I spent most of my W2 career attempting to climb the corporate ladder, becoming rich and wanting to building wealth. And then, as my wife and I were 6 months pregnant with our first child, I stumbled upon Robert Kiyosaki’s book Rich Dad Poor Dad. This book had a fundamental shift in the way I look at not only providing for my family but truly setting myself up to provide generational wealth.

As we started investing in real estate and immediately seeing the success it had on our net worth and truly building wealth for our family, I felt the need to share these practices and ideas to help everyone, especially the young & growing family, that everyone can successfully invest in real estate while working a fulfilling and successful W2 job.

That’s why I started W2 Capitalist. If you’re looking to learn what it takes to become the W2 Capitalist you were meant to be, you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re ready to man up, I invite you to join our community and check out our podcast. You’ll learn from mothers, fathers, husbands and wives just like yourself who have taken a fundamental shift in the way they are building wealth for their families but also excelling at their W2 careers.


Don’t be a corporate drone. Learn the EARN. INVEST. REPEAT. lifestyle. We all work way too hard not to earn more. I’ve discovered that once I was able to offload my wealth building tasks to real estate, I became a better and more motivated W2 employee. And that is why I started the W2 Capitalist.

Since we actively started on this journey in 2014, my wife and I have 10X’d our net worth, grown our annual income by 60% all the while having 3 beautiful children. I am learning and I continue to learn a lot. The only thing that qualifies me to do this work is that I have a passion for self-improvement and building generational wealth for my family. My goal is to help you have the same or even greater success.

Join me and let’s grow together.