Let’s get real for a moment…

The lifeguard doesn’t have to do a lot of buoy selling to someone who is drowning. The real challenge comes when the swimmer doesn’t accept they are in trouble. 

Once you realize losing your single flow of income, losing your W2 income, once you realize losing that will f#%l up not only your world but your entire family’s, you’ll get serious about pursuing real estate investing as a secondary flow. 

You think you don’t have the time nor do you have the money. That’s. TOTAL. Bullshit. But if you truly think that way, go, right now, and look your loved ones in the eyes and let them know how you trust their well being, how you have put their livelihoods in the hands of the company you work for and a single flow income. Go. 

yet…take BETTER action NOW. 

Go, right now, and look your loved ones in the eyes and let them know how you’re expanding the parachute of their well being to include a SECONDARY flow of INCOME. While this will require “a change in how things operate around here” it’ll be worth it to not only preserve your family’s well being but also improve it! 

Not sure how to take action? DM me. 

Am I afraid my inbox will fill up? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Most of you will by pass this message with the same mentality as you’ve always had. No action. Think it’s not for you yet and then be “surprised “ when you struggle to replace your single flow of income.

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