Reflection on 2018 Goals

From the Time to Reflect, Time to Set 2018 Goals and Begin Pursuit post (man, I still love that photo and memory of taking it), I listed out my 2018 goals. Here is how I did with those: 


  • Increase Annual Passive Income by $2,000 month (July 2018) 
  • Graduate Cardone University (August 2018)
    • I have a lot of respect for what Grant’s built, read almost everyone of his books, and become motivated almost every time I’m consuming his materials. However, as mentioned on The Millennial Real Estate Investor Podcast, I find Grant’s energy to be exhausting at times, which is why I have great respect for this man. Looking forward to learning and growing more through Grant’s teachings, very soon. 
  • Knock the Dust off the Grey Matter (December 2018)
    • One thing I learned from this goal and now echo in my mastermind group, the W2 Capitalist, is to be VERY specific and VERY objective in goal setting. I did not do that for this goal but I’m still marking it as accomplished. Here’s why. In 2017 I read 12 books and listened to many, many, MANY hours of podcasts. This year, I’ve read 24 books and listened to many, many, MANY hours of podcasts. Dust has been knocked off!


  • Increase Social Media Following: 1k Blog Subscribers, 10K IG Followers, & 1k FB Likes
    • I new this was going to be a lofty goal but I went with it anyway and learned A TON when it comes to social media. Although I didn’t grab the # of followers, Likes and Hearts I wanted, this goal did push me to launch the Real Estate Investing for the W2 Employee Facebook group. Created in March, officially launched in June, we now have over 3500 members and the amount of engagements and more importantly the VALUE of the discussions that are happening there is simply AMAZING! I am humbled and with this momentum, my primary focus for 2019 is growing this group. 

Goals for 2019 (or the next 12 Weeks)

One of the best things I adopted this year (in Q3) was the concepts of Brian Moran’s book The 12 Week Year: Get More Done in 12 Weeks than Others Do In 12 Months. I’m not going to deep dive into the book’s contents during this post but I will say it has been the most productive tool discovered this year (grab a copy if you want a positive change in your life). So going forward, I will post 4 goal setting posts per year and if one thing became apparent to me this year, it is the value of implementing the entire cash flow quadrant as presented by Robert Kiyosaki. With 2 of my 4 cash flow quadrants producing well (W2 and investments) and the looming, expected down turn of the real estate market, the next 12 weeks I’ll be focused on injecting fuel into our movement, currently known as Real Estate Investing for the W2 Employee

Goals for Q1 2019 (Due March 31, 2019)

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  1. Solid list. Glad I can help with one of your goals (mastermind). You should also get on Twitter – great way to build a following. Can’t wait to see you kick ass next year. Also – curious to know more why you like Cardone

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