The average American will read one book per year. Don’t be average. For 2019 I’m providing you a list of 15 books, or one per month with a few for extra credit.
The links & images take you to Amazon for Customer Reviews, formats, and snapshots of what’s inside each:
1. Retire Early With Real Estate: How Smart Investing Can Help You Escape the 9-5 Grind and Do More of What Matters // Chad Carson
I’m a big fan of Chad’s. Great guy, former Clemson football player and extremely successful real estate investor – what’s not to LIKE?!. I had the opportunity to meet Chad in person at a recent conference and he’s contributed some of his time to our Facebook Group. Chad has lived the title of his book, which goes along with my rules of investing: never take advice from someone who isn’t where you want to be financially. More on Chad at but be sure to grab his book first.
2. Sovereignty: The Battle for the Hearts and Minds of Men // Ryan Michler
Sorry ladies but this one is for the man in your life (Gift Idea?). MEN – time to level up your activities of Protecting, Presiding, and Providing for your family. I’m a huge fan of what Ryan’s doing @, to the point I started calling myself a ‘Michler Disciple’. I had the opportunity to interview Ryan pre-book launch and you can catch that here. And while this book isn’t focused on real estate, it is focused on Providing for your family. Grab it.
3.  Capital Gaines: Smart Things I Learned Doing Stupid Stuff // Chip Gaines
From everyone’s favorite HGTV couple, Chip walks you through some of the crazy stuff he did as a teenager and how he and Joanna started out on building their entrepreneurial empire.
4. The Closer’s Survival Guide // Grant Cardone
I’m a big fan of Uncle G and almost anything he puts out and The Closer’s Survival Guide is one of those. If you’re great at grabbing leads but having trouble sealing the deal, put this one at the top of your readers list.
5. Launch Your Dream: A 30-day Plan for Turning Your Passion into a Profession // Dale Partridge
Dale is a great guy to follow on instagram @dalepartridge and his book is a swift kick in the back side to get you moving toward your dream. Quick read, full of quality content.
6. You Can Retire Early!: Everything You Need to Achieve Financial Independence When You Want It // Deacon Hayes
If you’re on the road to frugality, you’ll enjoy this quick read from Deacon @ Much like his book, his blog is full of nuggets to increase income and reduce expenses.
7. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F&$k: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life // Mark Mason
Don’t let the title full you, this book is full of vulgar language (sarcasm…thick layer). I did grab this book based on the title alone. However, I did enjoy this one, found it very entertaining as many of the author’s points of view remind me of a close friend. If you have virgin ears, this book is not for you.
8. The Go Giver: A Little Story About a Powerful Business Idea // Bob Burg & John David Mann
The concept of this book is simple…the secret to success is giving. Something the entire world (including myself) needs to make part of our daily routines. Following Joe through his journey is very enlightening and as a quick read, something I consume multiple times a year.
9. Fail Until You Don’t: Fight Grind Repeat // Bobby Bones
Coming from humble beginnings, Bobby is now the host of a nationally syndicated radio show. This book has absolutely nothing to do with real estate investing but truly is a motivating story to support its title.
10. Start with Why: How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action // Simon Sinek
I’m upset it took me so long to find this book. It certainly goes with our mantra of: Discover YOUR Why. Establish YOUR Goals. Set YOUR Criteria. If you want to grab a taste of the author before purchasing, just YouTube Simon. He gives some phenomenal speeches, some of which get into the science of how our brains and bodies function on the road to success. This is how I stumbled onto Simon and finally acquire his book. Start with why.
11. Lessons from a 3rd Grade Dropout: How the Timeless Wisdom of One Man Can Impact an Entire Generation // Rick Rigsby
If you’re not familiar with Rick’s story, I encourage to YouTube him and watch a few clips. You’ll find yourself humbly motivated. In this quick read, Rick goes into things he learned from his father growing up. Inspirational read, more inspiring to hear Rick tell the story in the audible version.
12. How to Make Big Money in Small Apartments // Lance Edwards
This book really dives into the weeds on tactics and drills, primarily wholesaling small apartments. It does focus a tad bit on Buy & Hold but the primary focus of this one is how to acquire off market properties. AND with the hot markets we are in now, this one is a must read.
13. Ready, Fire, Aim: Zero to $100 Million in No Time Flat // Michael Masterson
For the big dreamer, this one encourages you to throw traditional thinking out the window and just go…with some insightful and helpful ideas to ensure you don’t completely fail at your first shot. What I enjoy the most about this book are the different strategies it offers at each level of your business’ success.
14. EXTREME OWNERSHIP: How U.S. Navy Seals Lead and Win // Jocko Willink and Leif Babin  
EXTREME in all caps is appropriate here as this book will challenge you to up your ownership of any situation hitting your circle. It’s hard for me to understand the correlation Navy Seals and all of our fighting forces who have faced war on the front lines links to what we do in business and growing wealth, BUT, this book inched me closer to understanding that. One of my favorite quotes from an interview with the co-author of Extreme Ownership, Jocko Willink is:  “Don’t take today off. Not today. Wait until tomorrow…As an overall rule I don’t like procrastination. You need to get things done. But, if you are going to rest, that is one that you should procrastinate on.”
15. Long Distance Real Estate Investing // David Greene
It seems David excels at almost everything he tackles. From being a cop, realtor, now a broker and co-host of the BiggerPockets Podcast, he has some great insight and success to back it up. As many local markets have been HOT for a while, long distance real estate investing has sparked my interest. Haven’t pulled the trigger yet, but David Greene lays out the proper steps and insight on how to get this done.
And be sure to…check out My REI Reading List for what I consider the most influential books for beginning real estate investors.
ENJOY!! And don’t be average. 

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