As I get older, history seems to provide me with a newfound spark of interest and thankfully Pensacola is full of it.
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Recently we took advantage of a warmer weekend and explored the Tarklin Bayou Preserve State Park. Curious about the name Tarkiln, I had to do some research. It is a compound word made up of tar & kiln.
  • tar – As in pine tar. The kind that made George Brett of the Kansas City Royals infamous? Maybe so.
  • kiln – As in the type of oven that can get hot enough to harden objects such as clay for pottery or…yep, you guessed it, tar.

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Straight from the pamphlet available at the main entrance kiosk:
During the 1800s, tar kilns were located on the adjacent peninsula to process the tar removed from the yellow pines. Visitors can still find an occasional “cat face” in some of the larger pine trees where ceramic pots were used to capture the seeping tar. While pine tar was an important resource for the maritime industry, it was also used in the production of soaps and animal medicines.
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Thinking about life in the 1800s and how this now preserve was used differently then, I immediately wondered how real estate must have been in those days and wondering a step further, how did the act of buying and selling property, real estate, actually ever begin. Enter…Google Magic. Instead of boring you with words, the folks over at put together the most meaningful graphic I could find. The history of real estate:


I get overly excited every time we start the process of evaluating single and multi-family homes to hopefully add to our portfolio. I imagine I would be like a kid in a candy store if I were anywhere near the size of a Louisiana Purchase or Alaska Purchase…wow. There we were as a nation, looking to add territories to our portfolio. I certainly didn’t have that thought going through my head when originally learned about those events in grade school history class.
More info on Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park: 
Located in southwest Pensacola off Bauer Road, the 4,200 acre park offers a few hiking trails, a picnic area and wildlife viewing. The short 1 mile loop is completely paved or raised platform – which makes for a nice walk with a curious, still stumbling toddler or stroller. The 6 mile loop on the other hand, be sure to wear boots. and get a little muddy. Either way I definitely recommend a visit, even if you have just a couple of hours. We will certainly be a repeat visitor.
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