Tap Here for Hemlane 30-Day Trial

Tap Here for Hemlane 30-Day Trial

Video Transcript (in case you’re at work and cannot watch at the moment):

Property management, including self-managing, can be a nightmare. In this brief video, I’m going to explain why I chose Hemlane as my PM solution, what our tenants love about it, and what I love about it and I’m also going to brag about Hemlane’s maintenance coordinators. Those guys and gals are REALLY REALLY good. Coming from someone who spent 20 years in the IT industry relying heavily on the help desk for customer sat, I mean the Hemlane folks are really good. 

What’s up y’all! My name is Jay Helms, founder of the W2 Capitalists and I’m super excited to announce my new partnership with Hemlane. BTW, when I signed up to use Hemlane, the folks at Hemlane didn’t know who I was. I wanted to test their product and services as an investor with 2 of our properties for a total of 20 units. . And a little over a month after being on and impressed by their platform…and their maintenance coordinators I started talking to them about partnerships and affiliations. But, what led me to start looking at PM software in the first place, for the purposes of self-managing? I’m glad you asked.  

While the thought of self-managing has given me nightmares over the years and here recently, the details that pushed me to look at self-managing and exploring products like Hemlane will have to stay hidden for the moment, spoiler alert, lawyers are engaged with the “professional PM” I recently fired and as that case comes to a close I’m confident I’ll be able to share some of those details in an upcoming podcast or youtube video so make sure you subscribe… but why Hemlane? Out of all the pm software out there, why Hemlane? Well, the answer is easy.  I’ve learned a very valuable lesson through the years and that is to work off referrals and I kept hearing the name Hemlane from a group of really smart folks I trust, and those are members of the W2 Capitalists Mastermind. They were really singing the praises of Hemlane..

I live by the philosophy of One’s an anomaly, two is a pattern & third time is a trend. Hemlane was definitely a trending product used by the folks in the W2 Capitalists peer community and I was in a spot where I needed to make a decision quickly, which is one thing I ABSOLUTELY LOVE about Hemlane’s onboarding process. Super easy. Super quick. And they give you a 30-day trial. You have 30 days to try it out to see if you like it or if you’re like me and you decide Hemlane’s the route you’re going, use that first 30 days to onboard your tenants, so essentially you get a free month of using the software to onboard your tenants. 

Features our tenants love:

  • ability to pay online (even with a credit card)
  • Automatic ACH transfers
  • Submit and stay updated with maintenance requests…did I mention how great the maintenance coordinators are???
  • View their leases

Features I love as a property owner:

  • all of the above 
  • I made the decision to only accept rent payments through Hemlane and amazingly now that we’ve been on Hemlane for four months, not a single rent payment was “lost in the mail”
  • Document management system, which Hemlane doesn’t necessarily market itself as this but I love having all of our tenant documents in one place 
  • I’m in more control and have a better understanding of where our money is coming and going. Believe it or not, the 20 units we now have on Hemlane are cash-flowing.

Now is Hemlane perfect? No. But, the members of the W2 Capitalists Mastermind were correct, it is freaking awesome. Hemlane has not only filled the gap for a much-needed, quick solution for self-management but it’s also eliminated my fears. And we’ve worked together on quite a few big issues:  dreaded toilet leaking calls, we had a pipe burst inside the wall of one our tenants, which was one of the first maintenance requests that came in, talking about trial by fire. 

Somewhere around this video, I have a link for you to give Hemlane a 30-day trial,  for free but if you have questions on the platform, give me a buzz or send me a text.  

Tap Here for Hemlane 30-Day Trial