Top 10 Items on Every Real Estate Investors’ 2023 Holiday Wish List!

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10. Ozone Generator – Odor Eliminator

Say what? YES! For anyone who has dealt with the lingering SMELL of a smoking or pet friendly resident, after they’ve moved out, this little tool is a must!

9. Ring Floodlight Camera

Have a remote watchful eye on your property while helping your tenants feel safe with this hardwired, motion activated flood light camera in stunning 1080 HD!

8. Battery Daddy

That’s right! You thought this was only from an infomercial, but WAIT! THERE’S MORE! Properties require batteries and even if your resident is responsible for changing them out, this is a pretty cool gift EVERY Dad would appreciate receiving.

7. Batteries

No brainer here. You’re getting the Battery Daddy, why not fill it up with the most popular batteries needed in a rental. You’ve got the: Double As, Triple As, the CR123As, and the 9-volts.

6. Fire Extinguishers

Believe it or not, fire extinguishers need to be replaced often. Not only does it help reduce the liability of something major happening, but it also helps keep a resident’s peace of mind.

5. Coffee

Yes, coffee! And you can go the extra mile here by subscribing to their favorite coffee, so they never run out! I myself am a fan of the Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Caramel Vanilla Cream K-Cup!

4. August Door Lock

This one is for our BnB Hosts! This is the lock we use and it provides us remote capability to lock/unlock, provide each guest with their own unique code, provide our cleaners/handymen with their own code, and set time frames for each’s access – all remotely from our phone and using our existing door knob!

3. Books!

Ok, we landlords love to read. Here are the top 12 books that have fundamentally helped me shift and grow:

2. Towels and Toilet Paper

That’s right! Another option for your favorite Short Term Rental host. Upgrade those dingy towels to fluffy, 5 star rating enhancers (here are the ones we use). And subscribe to an endless supply of TP!

1. Subscription to W2 Capitalist PRO Community

This one is a couples gift! Meaning that when one spouse joins, both receive 100% access. For that landlord in your life that wants to grow! We’re launching January 4th, 2024 and our goal for every couple that joins our Community is to double their portfolio by the end of the year. More info and be notified when registration is open by going here:

Happy Holidays!