The 8 Skillsets we’re going to review in this webinar are not an exhaustive list and I realize the idea of each of us MASTERING each and everyone of these is almost ridiculous. Let’s think about this for a minute, most experts define being a master of something means you’ve spent 10,000 hours learning, training, studying and just focusing on that one thing, right?  To put those hours into perspective, there are approximately 8,760 total hours in a year (24 hrs/day  – 365 days).  A full-time, 40 hr a week job is equal to 2,080 of those 8,760 hours in a year.  So, if we focused on just one of these skillsets as much as we do our full time jobs, it would take us approx. 5 years to become a Master for just that one skillset. What I want to make sure you understand through this webinar, is that it is the pursuit of the Mastery of these skillsets that’ll set you apart.