They Laughed When I Told Them I Wanted to be a Real Estate Investor…but When I Was Laid Off and Started Traveling Full-Time with my Family of 5!!!

When you don’t have the support of your immediate friends or family, here’s the simple shortcut on how to grow your real estate investing circle of influence:

Join. A. Mastermind.

Surround yourself with inspiring, active and supportive investors.

It truly is that simple: join a Mastermind. But what is a mastermind?

A Mastermind is a group of like-minded individuals coming together for a common purpose, helping one another achieve similar goals, in a positive manner. Here are a blog article and video that go into more detail.

The W2 Capitalist Mastermind was founded in Nov. 2018 and since then 80% of our members double their portfolio within the first 10.7 months of being members. That percentage is closer to 90% when we only count the members who are active and participate in just 2 virtual calls per month. We have over 20 virtual calls every month for you to participate in and here’s how to get started:

  • Book a Strategy Call with a member of my team right now (fast track)
  • Submit your application

Now the W2 Capitalist Mastermind is a primarily virtual group and here’s what you receive once you’re accepted:

  • Over 20 Virtual Sessions with a group of your focused peers every month
  • Lifetime Access to the W2 Capitalist exclusive private community (not a Facebook group)
  • Niched REI-focused groups & calls
  • A community of like-minded people who want to see you succeed
  • My personal calendar to book 1:1 mentoring sessions
  • Access to a network of individuals all over the country who are investing at a similar or higher level than you.
  • You, on the Hot Seat – each virtual session with your group, you’ll be put on the hot seat to tackle the 3 most important aspects:
    • Reveal your latest BIG WIN
    • What questions do you have for the group
    • What can we keep you accountable to accomplish in the upcoming week (how did you do on your list for last week and be ready to be challenged by others)


  1. I’ve seen groups like this cost $10,000, $25,000, or even $40,000 a year to join. Me too and I hate that. That’s why I keep the price affordable. Close just one deal because of being a member and the mastermind pays for itself.
  2. I’m out of funds to invest so I’m taking a break right now. Understandable and running out of capital is common for active investors but partnerships form constantly with the members of the mastermind. It’s not a requirement but something that happens naturally as you get to know your fellow mastermind members.
  3. I’m skeptical because I’ve never invested in personal development. I was too before I started committing to investing $5,000 a year in my personal development. The growth that has happened by surrounding myself with like-minded investors and business mindsets has been exponential. Plus, if you’re accepted into the mastermind, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Come in, check us out, attend as many calls in that first 30-days as you can and if it’s not for you, 100% refund, no questions asked.
  4. I have to check with my spouse first. Absolutely. Having your spouse on board for all investments (real estate or personal development) is something I practice and peach. Also, be sure your spouse knows the price includes their access too.
  5. If surrounding myself with the right people is all I have to do, can’t I just do that on my own? You absolutely can. In fact, I encourage everyone to be part of their local REIA and join at least one other mastermind than the W2 Capitalist. What you’re paying for here is an already established community of vetted and inspiring investors. The shortcut to your success.


If you’ve been looking for a group like this to help you double your rental portfolio, these next steps are for you:

  • Apply to join us in the Mastermind: we don’t accept everyone who applies but this is the first step in being considered. Takes about 7 minutes to complete the application process.
  • Book A Call: Book a call with one of our Membership Strategists to learn more about what the W2 Capitalist has to offer to help you double your rental portfolio within the next 12 months.

If you’re not quite ready to explore the Mastermind, check out these resources:

Alright, guys, that’s it. I hope to see you on the inside of the W2 Capitalist Mastermind and allow me to be part of the process you use to grow your wealth and real estate investing experience over the next 12 months.



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