Born and raised in Lima Perú, Anette Talie moved to Florida to fulfill her life dream of studying abroad. She transferred and received her Bachelor of Architecture from Florida Atlantic University. In her 18 years in architecture, Anette has acquired a broad range of experience in architectural design, construction, and effective project management on a wide variety of project types.

Due to the financial crisis and great recession, in 2010 Anette started looking for other options, besides Architecture, to reach financial freedom and realized her goal of being a stay-at-home mom. This is how in 2011, Anette finds a job managing properties for a foreign investor and in 2012 she acquires her first investment property.

Nowadays, Anette balances her family life, her career as a commercial Architect and the management of 61 units including her personal portfolio of 42 units. She recently started investing out-of-state, where she holds 198 units with her partners. Her current goal is to continue to grow and help others obtain financial freedom by investing passively.

Anette Talie is the host of the “Real Estate Deal Closers” & “South Florida Multifamily and More” Facebook groups with over 3,000 active members and holds a Meetup the 3rd week of the month. Additionally, she hosts her Podcast “Real Estate Deal Closers Show” and Video Series “3 Expert Tips” in her YouTube channel Anette Talie.



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    A mastermind group is a peer-to-peer mentoring concept used to help its members solve their problems with input and advice from the other group members. Inspired by Napoleon Hill’s book Think and Grow Rich and put to action utilizing The 12 Week Year by Brian Moran.


    • Weekly Virtual Sessions with a Group of Your Focused Peers
    • Access to Exclusive Private Community
    • Niched REI Focused Groups
    • A Community of Like Minded People – Access to Individuals All Over the Country who are investing at a similar or higher level than you are.
    • Join One, Join them All – Access to attend All Virtual Sessions as a spectator regardless of which Group/Niche you call home.
    • You, On the Hot Seat – each virtual session of your group, you’ll be put on the hot seat to tackle 3 Most Important Aspects:
      • Tell us about your BIG WIN for the week
      • What questions do you have for the group
      • What can we keep you accountable to accomplish in the upcoming week (how did you do on your list for last week and be ready to be challenged by others)



    When does the Virtual Mastermind start and finish?

    The Virtual Mastermind starts when you sign up. You have to complete the pre-course work before joining your first virtual call. Virtual calls happen on a weekly basis and guest speaker calls will be announced when they are scheduled. No contract, you can leave at any time but it is expected for a member to fully participate for a minimum of 6 months.

    Do I need to have real estate investing experience to join the W2 Capitalist Mastermind Group?

    No, experience is not required. The law of reciprocity comes into effect here. Ever noticed how most real estate investors aren’t afraid of taking on a mentee or teach you a concept? Teaching is one of the best ways for us experienced real estate investors to learn.

    What if I am unhappy with the Mastermind Group?

    We would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact us in the first 30 days and we will give you a full refund.

    How often do we virtually meet?

    Weekly via a virtual call (Zoom) and as often as you want in our private & exclusive Communities.

    Is interacting with other W2 Capitalists members outside of the virtual call allowed?

    Absolutely and highly encouraged. The exclusive and private group is where we chat and where daily & weekly challenges are posted but some team members have already swapped #s and had verbal 1-on-1 convos, invested with one another, helped one another analyze deals and their pitches. One-on-one interaction is part of the “Power of the Mastermind”.

    How are W2 Capitalist members kept accountable?

    Each virtual session you’ll have the opportunity to announce your self challenges as well as be challenged by others. This group is about taking action and encouraging others to do the same.

    Why is there a cost?

    Simply put, I want you to take this seriously. There are some minimal administrative costs I incur for hosting the calls and replays (in case you can’t attend when they are live) but mainly to deter anyone who just wants to check it out and not really add any value to the other group members. We exist to push one another higher.

    How big are the W2 Capitalist teams?

    We limit teams to no more than 15 members and as growth happens, we’ll expand into more teams so that everyone can build intimate relationships, gain knowledge and provide others feedback without getting lost in the “noise”.

    Can I just join a virtual call?

    No. You have to accomplish the prerequisite work before joining your first virtual call and those are provided through the course link, which you’ll receive when you sign up. Most people accomplish these minimal tasks in just a couple of hours.

    I have other questions. Who do I ask?

    Me. Best way to get in touch is through my email: jay @ or cell 850.610.0966. Send me your questions.