What Would The Rockefellers Do? by Garrett Gunderson

John Rockefeller is said to be 2x richer than Jeff Bezos (yea, the Amazon guy). The Amazon guy who is worth almost a trillion dollars. Mr. Bezos makes $321 million/day, $13.4 million an hour, $223k a minute or $3,715/second. Think about it. Jeff, the Amazon guy, just made approximately $56,000 since you landed on this site and read this page to this point. 

This week’s guest on the W2 Capitalist podcast is Author Garrett Gunderson and we chat things up about his book: “What Would the Rockefellers Do?”

Garrett’s book talks about the methods that the Rockefellers have used to ensure John’s wealth lasted for generations and continues to serve over 200 family members today. This is the book that finally turned the light bulb on for me about just how to build generational wealth even though I’m only earning a half of a penny per second. Or approximately 15 cents since you opened and read this email now, to this point. Which is what I love about this book! Regardless of your income, you can start stacking the same principles the Rockefellers did, to pass on your legacy for generations. 

If you’re in pursuit of building generational wealth, this episode is for you.

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I LOVE THIS BOOK! This book was finally the nail in the coffin that pushed me to start my bank on myself concept. I highlighted something in almost every other page in this book, but to give you an idea, here are the headlines that provided the most value to me:

  1. This knowledge can give you the chance to change your family’s financial future so that the next generation isn’t born into financial bondage.
  2. Cash Flow Insurance Program has three key points:
    • It safeguards your wealth.
    • It helps grow your money and increase your cash flow.
    • It helps you enjoy you money today and tomorrow.
  3. Money kept in a Cash Flow Insurance policy, meanwhile, is hardly affected by the stock market.
  4. Setting up Your Family Bank and Cash Flow Insurance policy…with people you trust.
  5. Your Bank…Your Legacy…Your Financial Future…