This is a 90-day, 1-on-1, me and you (we) ,transformational program to get you on the other side of that thing, whatever that thing is, that is holding you back from starting your real estate investing journey. Most commonly known and referred to as Analysis Paralysis, I’m going to label it what it truly is: FEAR. This program is the fast-track to get you over that fear and on your way to making confident offers and closing amazing deals.


Fear starts in the amygdala part of our brains. There are centuries upon centuries of DNA programming in that grey matter between our ears that program us to survive. Amongst the amygdala, the crocodile part of our brains (the most primitive and earliest part to develop) has two buttons DANGER and BORING. So when you look at what all your friends and family are doing (taking the “safe route” of making a living at their 9-5 and investing in a 401k), and you’re thinking about being the person in your circle that will blaze the trail on the Real Estate Investing path, it is no wonder that you fall into the bucket almost every real estate investor that has gone before you falls into. The amygdala and croc parts of your brain are kicking in, yelling at you… “RUN! FLEE! GET OUT OF HERE!”

In a 2016 study by Fortune magazine, it was discovered that ~1,700 people are minted as new millionaires every, single, day. EVERY DAY! Over 90% of millionaires are made that way through real estate investing.


If you are reading this, chances are you have already started on your path by deciding on a niche to invest in, analyzing deals, and dedicating some part of your week to focus on being an aspiring real estate investor. Your studying markets, your analyzing opportunities, you’re have a few conversations, you’ve joined a few groups & forums on social media. You’re doing all the right things but…just…can’t…quite…muster up the courage to make an offer. I GET IT! I was there for 4, F-O-U-R, long years. Once I finally discovered how to get over my fears, my wife and I went from one unit to 328 units in a matter of 5 years, I’ve now exited the W2 world, setting my own hours, and being present for my wife and 3 kids.

Over the next 90-days we’re going to unwind that roadblock, uncluster that brain fart, breakthrough that damn that’s holding you back from earning multiple streams of income and setting you and your family up for financial success.


  • are looking to master your fear, aka Analysis Paralysis.
  • underwrite and find deals that fit your criteria BUT can never find the courage to submit an offer.
  • are looking to gain CLARITY and purpose.
  • are an introvert and struggle with in-person networking.
  • are ready to leave procrastination behind and be held ACCOUNTABLE to get shit done.
  • have the financial means to invest in a deal.
  • are ready to get in the GAME!


  • don’t know what niche you want to invest in.
  • don’t have a baseline knowledge of how to analyze deals.
  • enjoy the mundane 9-5.


– Bob Burg, father, husband, investor, W2 job

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Ed Myrick, father, investor, W2 job

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– Darron Hay, father of 3, investor, W2

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