I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I want to spend a few moments and talk about 2019 in review. This not meant to be a bragging session of everything I’ve accomplished this year but more so to give you insight on what was accomplished and what being around like minded people can do for you.  For the record, my plan for this year was to sit back and watch the market, focus on growing my mastermind & Facebook group. Instead, here’s what I did:

Key Takeaways:

  • Went from 51 to 328 units; we got there by selling off SFR and small MFRs in our portfolio to invest in larger apartment complex syndications.
  • Doubled our positive monthly cash flow. And when I mean cash flow, that is the # left over after all expenses are paid using the TRIMVC method. I go into this in more detail at https://w2capitalist.com/2016/10/12/real-estate-investing-terms-cash-flow-example/ but essentially we went from $1k-$2k in positively monthly cash flow from our rental portfolio. 
  • First time ever, do we have over a million dollars of assets on our balance sheet. 
  • Sold a property for our first loss; this was approximately a ~10K $$ loss.
  • Launched a podcast (this one) ranked #1 new & Noteworthy on iTunes for Investing, recorded & published 65 episodes with 20k downloads. 
  • Welcomed baby #3 into our tribe
  • Changed jobs. This one was a big growing opportunity for me. I had essentially served the same client base in one seat or another under a few different entity umbrellas (as we kept getting acquired) for over 15 years. As I’m now in month 6 of my new sales coaching job, I’m ecstatic to report my sales unit has hit record sales in 4 of last 6 months.
  • Mastermind membership grew from 10-25, more on the mastermind can be found at w2capitalist.com . 
  • Private Facebook Group (that’s the closed FB group located at facebook.com/REIforTheW2 ) members grew by 53% – went from 3,428 members on January 1, 2019 to 6,476 members as of today, Dec. 12, 2019. 
  • Co-spoke at 4 different REIA Meetups
  • Consumed a little over a week’s worth of audiobooks and podcast. Thats over 168 hours which is approx. 3.25 hours a week. I honestly thought it would be more and I’m looking to read more in 2020. To see my recommended list of books go to w2capitalist.com/read and if you’re looking for some additional accountability to read more send me a DM on facebook to join in on the #Read20in20 challenge.
  • Refinanced our primary residence to payoff a home improvement loan and lower our interest rate. All things considered, this saves us $389/month and paid off $40k in debt. 
  • Our biggest ROI to date – the duplex we never set foot in, came in at a 428% ROI. 
  • My BHAGs for 2020

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Raw Transcript

[00:00:00] Hey, what’s up, everybody? My name is Jay Helms, I’m the founder of this podcast, a movement known as the W2 Capitalist. Today’s episode is an original. It is the first monologue episode that I’ve ever done. It’s also the first time I’ve ever done a year in review. Obviously, the podcast hasn’t been out for a year, but here we are at the end of 2019. It’s about a week before Christmas when I’m recording this and it’s been listening for a while. I to apologize again for the sound of my voice and any kind of coughing and tracking I do because the whole family’s been sick for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully we’re getting over it before Santa comes in and we’ll have a good time.

[00:00:36] But back to today’s episode.

[00:00:39] It’s a year in review. I got to thinking about, you know, when 2019 came around, what our goals were, which you didn’t have a whole lot. And then I started to think it’s in now and thinking about, OK, what do we actually accomplish? And I started making this list, which I encourage you to do the same. But when I started going through this, this is holy cow, we accomplished a lot. And it was a huge rush of dopamine, I guess is the chemical in your body that comes from this stuff. But it was just amazing to see. And so we’re gonna get into the details of that. Only do a preference that this is not a bragging session. This is one of those things where if you surround yourself with the right people that are going to push you and hold you accountable for things you say you want to do, you can get those done. So and that’s exactly what happened. So we’re going to dive into it. But before we do on it or recommend it, go to Debbie to capitalize dot com slash affiliates to check out our newest affiliate deal check i o deal check i o makes it super easy to analyze rental property slips and multi-family buildings, all from one cloud based. Software package. What I mean by that is you can get access to it from anywhere your desktop, your app or Android device.

[00:01:56] And over. Check this out. Over two hundred and twenty five thousand riddles and over one hundred twenty five thousand flips have been analyzed from a hundred thousand plus users in five different countries with Dille Check. But there’s a special cube barcode. You’re going to receive 25 percent off, but before you even start paying for it, you only get two months free. Absolutely free to try this out. And one of the things I love about this, probably my favorite feature is the purchase offer calculator. So one of the things that some other calculators that I’ve been using. Don’t really show you had to enter all your parameters. And then it just tells you, OK. Here’s what your cash on cash is. Which cash flow is that sort of thing? This one actually shows you what your highest offer should be to meet your criteria. So super incredible. But check them out. Debbie, to Catholic dot com slash affiliates or you can just go to Debbie to Kabbalist dot com and hit on the resources button at the top and then you can get to the Phillies page there, check them out, check all of our affiliates out, give them some love. There should be a promo code and KeyBank on there for you to get additional 25percent. Offer deal, Jack. All right. Now let’s get to work.

[00:03:29] You are addressing the gap between your successful fulfilling W2 job and to building wealth for your family through real estate investing. You are ready to earn invest. Repeat. Welcome to the W2 Capitalist podcast. Now let’s get to work. Here is your host, Jay helds.

[00:03:56] All right, guys and girls, let’s dive into this. So before I get started, I do want to say I hope everyone had a merry Christmas and a happy new year. I want to spend a few moments to talk about 2019. Just in general. And again, I apologize for the snotty nose and the rough sounding voice.

[00:04:11] But I want to get this out because we’re planning the trip, little Christmas vacation, if you will. And I need to get this stuff done and off to the to the editor so we can get him back and get him uploaded. And you guys can have him downloaded before we return from our trip. But before we dive into all of our accomplishments, one of the things I want to stress is, is my plan for 2019.

[00:04:34] You know, is the market’s pretty hard and we’re seeing some of the 2008, 2009 numbers come up.

[00:04:41] Our 2007, 2009 numbers where prices of homes sold, number of homes sold there is looking very similar. So. So my plan for 2019 was to do nothing. Absolutely do nothing. Sit back, watch the market and focus on growing my mastermind and Facebook groups. That didn’t really happen. Instead, here’s here’s what we accomplished and what I say we as my wife and I. She is the rock behind the scenes that keeps me grounded and also just does this amazing thing when I grind on an issue for a couple of days and I finally bring it to her to say, hey, what do you think about this?

[00:05:20] She instantly gives me the most brilliant answer and off we go.

[00:05:24] So but so this is in completely random order. I was sitting down the other day thinking about I typically do a blog posting to show, OK, here’s what here’s what I said I was going to do and here’s what we accomplished for the year here. Lately it’s been on a quarterly basis, but because we didn’t really have any focus starting 2019. And so we do that and we want to wrap up this year with more of a podcast, podcast content and just show kind of what what we’re accomplished. And the reason being the biggest reason that push us is because of the mastermind people in the Facebook group pushing and helping us keep up, keep ourselves accountable for for growing our networks. Right. So one of the biggest things that as a W.T. garrulous, you want to build legacy wealth for your family. Right. And that’s what we’re all about it in this this this year, we definitely made some marks on on climbing that ladder. So. All right. Here we go. So we went and this again, this is a completely random order and it makes some notes and pad, but just wanted to WIOD it at completely random order. You can tell I’ve done absolutely no prep the way I’m someone through this. So here we go. So we went from fifty one to three hundred and twenty eight units. A lot of people when they talk about the number of units in their portfolio, they’re not giving you the full picture. Right. So hopefully I help explain that a little bit of that. But we got there by selling off some single-family rentals at a small multi-family real in our portfolio.

[00:07:07] And what we do is we turn around and we invested in a larger part, our apartment complex indications. So when I say three hundred and twenty eight units, here’s the break now. So my wife and I, we own five units ourselves. That’s a fourplex. And one single family that I’m hoping to get rid of the single family in 2020. It’s got some title issues that we’re trying to work out. And but anyway, that’s just I think for the most part, I’m done with the single family. But then again, in twenty nineteen, I wasn’t going to do anything. And here I am talking about how we dramatically increase the number of doors in our portfolio. So we got the five units, we also had the 42 units in Zinser. Now I’m all about general partner as well as a limited partner on that one. And then we have two other indications. One is in Waxahachie, Texas, is just south of Dallas. It’s one hundred and nine units where I’m a limited partner on that one. And then one hundred and seventy two units in Greenville, South Carolina, where I’m a limited partner for those all those other two syndications. Actually, all the syndications. I don’t own all those apartment complexes myself. We have partners. So when I say three hundred and twenty eight units in our portfolio, that’s how many doors we are tied to. Doesn’t mean we own everyone. Matter of fact, I think the largest one largest percentage of ownership is 14 percent. In one of those, the other two is like 1 percent or less than 1 percent.

[00:08:39] So when I say three hundred and twenty eight units, that doesn’t mean that we own all those units ourselves. That’s just the number of doors in our portfolio of syndications that we’re in and are our single family and small multifamily is that my wife and I owned together. So the reason being that we did that, one of the biggest things and if you’ve been following for a while, especially on the blog, you know that cash flow is my most important criteria when looking at property. So by doing these moves and shifts, we essentially doubled our positive monthly cash flow. And when I mean cash flow, there’s a lot of different ways that you can you can calculate that number. So it’s be careful when people say, yeah, this this property is going to cash flow $700 a month. I don’t know that you and I are calculating cash flow the same. So I eisley a really popular blog post on how to calculate cash flow. You can find it debit to caplets dot com, just search. Therefore, that’s part of the real estate investing term series. But just just type in cash flow example. And I’ve got an actual deal that will show you how very it is. Actual deal. I don’t own that property more, but it’s how we analyze it to purchase it. Since then, we’ve exited that property and moved on to bigger and better things. So but it’s basically I use the term v.c method, which I think is a phrase that I coined myself basically as taxes, repairs, insurance, maintenance, vacancy and capital expenses.

[00:10:16] Most everybody forgets those last two vacancy and capital expenses. And that’s where when you hear people say, well, it’s five, it’s cash flow and $500 a month or $70 dollars a month, chances are they’re not calculating the same way you do. So just be careful of that. So what I say is insulin. We double what our monthly pass of our passive positive monthly cash flow. We essentially went from a thousand dollars in positive monthly cash flow to two thousand dollars in our little portfolio. So it’s an incredible I love the 10th through the 15th of the month where those automatic deposits are going in or those checks are coming in the mail. I love the mailbox money concept. So for the first time ever, did we pass the million dollars of assets on our balance sheet, which was pretty incredible to see happen. This happened probably about midway through the year, which was, you know, nothing that I ever sought out to get as this out as I track my net worth and we track our net worth that at Tarling encourage you to do the same. There are some resources on W-2 Kabbalist account that can help you out with that. And I’ll try to stop doing those shameless plugs here in just a minute. But I think it’s hugely important to not only know your net worth, but calculate it on a routine basis. So but yeah, this year was the first time ever that we surpassed a million dollars in assets on our balance sheet, which was pretty incredible. And all that positive stuff.

[00:11:46] We actually we, uh, this was kind of we were we actually sold a property for our first loss. It was a it was a piece of land that had two mobile homes on it. I bought it for super cheap, and there’s a reason why I had these two properties, I didn’t do my proper due diligence just trying to get into the mobile home space.

[00:12:07] And if you’ve been listening to any of the episodes I did with Tim Kelly or Sidney Barker, you know that I am not. I’m not necessarily opposed to the mobile home park space, but it’s it’s definitely been touched the stove and got burnt at least once. And here’s what I mean by that. So this property I bought, we actually sold it this year. I just wanted it out of my portfolio was an area town I didn’t want to be in anymore. It was a class that I didn’t want to be anymore. So we sold it at a loss. And it was about a ten thousand dollar laws which was consumed over. I think we owned it for three years, three and half years, which in my mind is fine, right? I mean, that what I learned so many different lessons, you know, in the Facebook group last night, I asked the question, what’s your favorite mantra or what’s your favorite quote and effort to put this? But it was basically, you don’t win or lose. You win or learn. And we definitely learned a lot through this process. So. All right. So we’ll see what’s next. So. Oh, yeah. This is pretty important. We lost the podcast. What you’re listening to right now was launched last year. Not only did we launch it, though, it was ranked number one new and noteworthy on i-Tunes for the investing category, which was a pretty, pretty cool accomplishment as far as I’m concerned. And I know you guys helped out with that. Think I did some posting around that to try to help make those numbers get up there and get past it.

[00:13:42] And one of the biggest things or accomplishments that I had with with that new and noteworthy podcast is or rating is that during that first eight weeks when the podcast is launched, Apple wisely brings those up and says, hey, here’s new and noteworthy. If it gets ever how they rate. I’m not really sure still how that happens, but I know that I was in a competition with Steve Forbes. Yes, the Forbes mama and Forbes top Forbes and Forbes.com. And he now we’re going back and forth for a while. And then finally I had the number one spot, and it might have been just for a little bit, but I don’t care. I captured that screenshot and and it made my day. So all on those lines, we so we know it wants the podcast. We’re ranked number one new noteworthy for it for investing on i-Tunes, recorded sixty five episodes with some amazing guests. And allow me to have relationships with people I never thought I’d have relationships with. And we surpassed just twenty thousand downloads just last couple of weeks ago. So that’s that’s pretty incredible. On the personal side, we actually welcome baby number three and to our tribe. So, yeah, so when when when the folks who have through your kids say once you go from from 2 to 3, it’s a it’s a game changer. You go to the zone defense. That’s pretty dead on accurate. I can’t give my wife enough credit for the job she does with Ellen while I’m at work and trying to do the dubie tick apples thing.

[00:15:16] But yeah, we, uh, we welcome kid number three and now we’ve got three under five and we’re still getting used to that. So that was seven, six, seven months ago. So, yeah, it’s definitely been been a game changer for us. I have nothing to do with my voice. Sound so tired, but anyway. Love him. Love him to death. So another big thing for me personally is I changed jobs. This was a big growing opportunity for me. I had essentially served the same client base in one city or another under a few different NSD umbrellas as we kept getting acquired. But our essential was in that same spot for over fifteen years and I’m now in month seven, I believe my new sales coaching job. Ecstatic guys. It’s going freaking amazing. Yeah. Came on at the right time. Lot of opportunity for growth. But the biggest thing that you know and I think this came out of the when I started the mastermind, I figured out I really enjoy helping people grow and helping people accomplish things. So now I’m able to do that at my W2 job as well. And coach into the group that we have is a pretty solid group too, to be able to accomplish things they never thought they’d been able to accomplish before. So it’s pretty incredible to see and be a part. But, you know, changing jobs after working from home for the last decade, going into now, going into that office everyday, it’s been quite the adjustment for our household. And I couldn’t do it without the support of the folks around me, especially my wife and the great group of folks who have at the office.

[00:16:59] They just made it such an easy transition for us. So also question, you know, because my previous job was a work from home job. How much work out actually be getting done with now three kids in the house and in all that because a. Yeah, it it’s got. Chaotic as you can imagine. I do want to forget about six more bullet points I want to cover. But, you know, if you’ve if you’ve hung out this long. I certainly do appreciate it. I know I’ve probably stopped and started recording this at least a dozen times because I had to turn and call off and hold up some some some nastiness. So, again, I apologize. I’ve got about, I think, six more bullet points. And then we’ll wrap this one up. But so the next accomplishment was pretty huge. I’m not you know, I’ll look, but I’ll look back at this, I think, OK. The mastermind membership doubled in size. We went from 10 members to 25 members at the time of this recording. I think at one time we had twenty eight or twenty nine. So almost tripled in size. But I’m gonna go with today’s numbers of twenty five. So why? That sounds amazing. It did not hit my expectations. I think my goal was a little unrealistic, which is what I’m focusing on in 2020. But if you want to learn more about the mastermind, here’s here’s a here’s another shameless plug I guess. Again, I apologize, but I do want to make sure you’re aware of this.

[00:18:31] We’ve got twenty five folks right now all across the nation who are like minded folks mostly buy and hold, just pushing each other to accomplish more. We had some really intense conversations, some really some really mellow conversations as well. But the point is, you’re around like minded people once an hour and a half, sometimes two hours a week, virtually. And they’re just pushing each other to do more. These are complete strangers until they come into the group. So it’s amazing to see these relationships not only start, but blossom and carry on outside of the debris to capitalize on the W Kalpoes mastermind. So but you can find out more by visiting Dubie to Kalpoes dot com. And right there, there’s a big banner for for the mastermind. So and speaking of doubling in growth, our private Facebook group, real estate investing for the W-2 employee, it’s a closed Facebook group. If you’re out there, please. If you’re not in that group, please join. It’s located at Facebook, dot com slash RCI for the W2 and that’s F0R for the W-2. But our members grew by 53 percent. I was hoping to hit the 10000 mark by the end of the year or 7000 mark by the end of the year. I promise I’ll look that up before I start going.

[00:19:54] But when I looked on it at December the 12th, we essentially owned by 53 percent. So we went from thirty four hundred members at the beginning of January to right at sixty four. One hundred members as of December the 12th. So right at 50 percent. I don’t know where fifty three percent came from. That. Sound right anyway. So I just want to make sure you’re aware of that group. There’s a lot of great conversations going on there. And again, like minded individuals to help help you in your real estate investing adventures. Next, they see where we are. Yes. So this was a huge one for me. So I do not like. I’m an introvert by my personality type. So I do not like big crowds. I do not like public speaking. So I know a lot of people that I come in to virtually and we do these virtual sessions. I find that hard to believe, but I do really well behind a computer and a microphone a lot. I don’t know if I do really well. I do a lot better behind a computer and a microphone than I do in the crowd. So I know is one of the biggest things that, you know, we talk a lot about growth this year and getting out of your comfort zone.

[00:21:11] So this next one was a huge growing opportunity for me personally. I co spoke at four different reha meetups. Now I say Reha, I’m using air quotes when I say that because Matt Robinson, who leads the Professional Investors Guild in Pensacola and surrounding areas. He doesn’t refer to it as a R-IA, but it is for all intents purposes. So we all kind of know what I’m talking about type of meet-up. That’s essentially what it is. And if you’re in the Pensacola area, Pensacola, Destin, Mobile area, definitely highly recommend you check them out. Has runs one of the best groups. I’m a solid member. I haven’t been in a while and I hope you understand because of all the things that we’re going through here. The biggest thing you know, this kept me firm from visiting fizzing. That is the change in jobs and kid numbers. So trying to keep that, I’m going to use air quotes are on your work life balance and check. I’m just trying to be a good husband, a good father to be around the kids when I can. So but if you’re not involved in your local in a in a local meetup that has similar criteria that you’re looking for a you know, in some areas there are meetups just for flippers.

[00:22:27] There’s meetups just for wholesalers or meetups just for buying. Whole folks get involved in one, if not, get involved in a virtual mastermind. Hint, hint, wink, wink, nudge, nudge. You can find out more at divey to Kappos dot com slash mastermind, I believe. But anyway, so no, I Coast at four different reha meetups. The first one, even though Matt told me I did a good job, I felt like I bomb the heck out of it. And then they got better as they went along. So I appreciate that opportunity, Matt, very much. The other thing the next thing I want to talk about is the amount of information I consumed, and when I say that, I mean, you know, I’ve very is extremely rare that I ever watch mainstream media news. So when I talk about information consumed, it’s books, it’s podcast is things in that nature. And I was playing around with Audible. I know the shameless plug where an audible affiliate. So you can find out more about our affiliation with. Debbie to countless dot.com sites, affiliates. But I was playing around with Honourable the other night and I didn’t realize that you can. It tracks how much you consume from an audio book standpoint.

[00:23:45] So when I started looking at this, I was like, okay, here’s a new goal for me. And we figure out how I can make this into a measurable thing. So I consumed in twenty nineteen. I consumed a little over a week’s worth of audio books and podcasts. That’s so that relates to over one hundred and sixty eight hours, which is approximately three point two five hours a week. I initially thought it’d be more than that. And I’m looking to read more in twenty twenty. I do have a recommended list of books you can go to to capitalize dot com slash read to see the different books that I recommend from four, twenty, twenty and years before. If you’re also if you’re looking for some additional accountability or read more a direct message on Facebook, I’ve got a little hashtag pre-2020 challenge going on and you’re not going to see much about it. It’s just a private Facebook group that I’ve got going on with people who want to read more and just to help keep track and keep folks accountable for that. But I actually thought my consumption, at least from an audible standpoint, was going to be more.

[00:24:51] But the point is, is, is the focus on making time for those sorts of things. Right. I’ve read more books this year than the last couple years combined. And I love it. I’ve found my way of consuming material. And it’s not sitting down and holding about Old-Fashioned wise and flipping the pages. But in fact, that typically puts me straight to sleep and that’s why I don’t do it today. So audible, the introduction of audio books has tremendously helped me out. But yeah, I want to challenge you to read more in twenty. And so the next thing I want cover and we’ve got about four more bullet points and then we’ll wrap this thing up. We refinanced our primary residence. We had a home improvement loan. That we used to install a pool and it had a pretty, pretty high interest rate for that. So we refinanced our primary residence, we took some of the. Took advantage of of a lot of the historical low interest rates to help, number one. Again, focus on our cash flow. So not only did we pay off that home improvement loan, which was about 40 thousand, but that a loan consuming that and doing essentially a cash out refi on our primary paid off that forty thousand. In in debt and then we also will save us going forward.

[00:26:24] It’ll save us about three hundred ninety bucks a month. So pretty incredible opportunity for us to build or refinance and do a cash out refinance. And I think this is the first time I’ve ever done that. Now that I’m stumbling through my words to to chat about that. But yeah, which is really cool because they actually came to our house. It was a concierge service where they just come to your house and they we sign the paperwork and our dining room table, which was huge help, was not being able to take off work, load up the kids and do all that. So that was pretty incredible. We also in twenty nineteen we had our biggest R-N.Y to date. If you’ve been following for a while, you know how to duplex that we never set foot in. And when I mean never we it was essentially five minutes from our house where we live now. We bought it when we bought it. We never stepped foot in it because it was already currently occupied. Matter of fact, the tenants are still in there. When we sold it, I don’t know what’s going on with it now, but we when we sold it, we the tenants were in there that we inherited from from day one.

[00:27:37] And during our due diligence of purchasing the property, we had our home inspected. We had a really good. We have a really good home inspector thoroughly trust and went through his thing. I didn’t take off work to go do it or view it or anything like that. The numbers just worked out really, really good.

[00:27:57] And the reason we never had an intention to sell this property. The reason why we got put on the market is as I was looking around, trying to find another one very similar to it to purchase because it’s such a great performing asset. And when I was actually got frustrated because I couldn’t find anything and I saw these prices that were being asked and I was like, there’s no way they’re getting this. And then those properties would disappear really quickly because a transaction happened. So I finally. Mustered up the courage, the Colmar alterna said, look, here’s what I want for it. Give me that for it. I’ll sell it. About 3 months he brought me malling asking for it and it came in at a four hundred and twenty eight percent are a Y, so. Pretty and pretty incredible stuff. The point there I want to make is just make sure you’re paying attention to your local, local market and what it’s doing. The other thing there is this, you know, because we never set foot in this property. This allowed me to get extremely comfortable with the idea of long term and our long distance investing. Highly, highly dependent upon our project management team to to take care of this asset for us. They did an OK job. There’s some things that came up through the selling of this property that I wish they would’ve done a better job at, which was also enlightening.

[00:29:29] But if a war for them to be able to take care of, that is never setting foot. And it would probably not be in these syndications in Greenville and in Dallas or Waxahatchee just because of the distance thing. But yeah, biggest R-N.Y today we received this year, guys. So let’s let’s wrap this up. I want to circle back to something I said at the very beginning and that, you know, the reason we’ve been able to accomplish all this. And when I say all of this is because when I went in 20, 19 this time last year, I had no idea what I wanted to do as far as goal setting and accomplishments in China really push myself. So the majority of these goals. Credit goes to the members of the debris to Karvelas mastermind. So guys, if you’re listening and I appreciate it very much, you’ve pushed me in ways that you don’t know and I’m looking forward to being pushed even further in 2020. So skijoring. Yeah. So that reminds me, if you’ve made it this far and you’ve heard this groggy voice cough and sniff and say probably a thousand times.

[00:30:43] I appreciate it. I’m sorry. This is this is a very first so but is a look forward for to 2020. I want to introduce you to my baby hag’s and B Hag. is just this big hairy audacious goal, right. So I’ve got three B hag’s and I want to focus on in 2020. I’ve broken these down into quarterly and then eventually and further really further to monthly accomplishments. So let me introduce them to you some maybe hag’s word for 2020. Number one, I want to do one hundred thousand podcast downloads. So we wrapped up this year inaugural year of doing a podcast really started I think late March 1st of April was our first actual episode release project.

[00:31:28] Looked at it as we did twenty thousand twenty thousand downloads on sixty sixty six sixty seven episodes. So might it be high for twenty twenty is one hundred thousand podcast downloads and I’ve got that broken down into what I’ve got to do quarterly and monthly. It, it kind of a waterfall cascading metric. So the other thing the next one. And I’ve got three of these, right? So that was number one and number two is I want to get to 100 m. my members. We’ve got twenty five in there now. The group love it. When new people come in, they bring such an energy to their group and we all benefit from that.

[00:32:10] I just can’t imagine having can’t imagine what it’s gonna look like with a hundred people in there. I have no idea what it’s gonna look like. But I do know that there are some some key members who’ve been here for about a year who are wanting to step up and willing to step up and help grow this thing. So I’m going to lean on them to to help do that. But again, if you’re not involved in a mastermind, even if it’s, you know, short term. Right. Don’t go into a mastermind thing and you’re going to have to be in there.

[00:32:38] You go check one out, you know, with ours, the debris to cap us. It has a month to month subscription. You know, if you decide within the first 30 days, that is not part of what you want to do. I’ll give you my back. No big deal. Right.

[00:32:53] But it’s if you want to be around people who are serious about growing their their wealth, their net worth and building relationships, then join a mastermind nuts and that minds for you. I’d love to have you as a potential member. And we’ve had a little bit of a process for you to go through to join. But but yeah. Join a mastermind. Get around like minded folks. You got. You can thank me later, I promise. And then my last big AG for 2020. It involves a an organization called Operation excuse me, Operation Underground Railroad. You can find more out about them at our rescue dot org. And it’s an organization that is specifically it was created to buy a couple of guys who were special forces in the U.S. military who were in these situations saying kids were being kidnapped and being forced into sex trafficking.

[00:33:51] But because of diplomacy reasons, they could not intervene and do a rescue. So next thing they did is they got out of the military. They started this call. Cooperation. And they’re saving and changing so many lives. And I was introduced to them a few years ago and a mastermind that I’m actually in to help grow business in Dedge, to help push me as as a man in general, but got to introduce them in a couple of years ago.

[00:34:20] I’ve been making some donations and spread the word about them for several years now. But this year I really want to step up. Some maybe ask for that is to help raise and donate fifty thousand dollars to our rescue, dawg. So you’re gonna see some material come from me on that. I don’t know how I’m gonna do it yet. I’ve got a few ideas spin around, but we’re about to as I heard earlier in this podcast, we’re about to hit on our Christmas Christmas vacation.

[00:34:48] And that’s usually a time when I unplug. I usually take that time to unplug and just hit the reset button and get a lot of good thoughts and ideas out of there. So I’m definitely taking a notebook because if I take my phone to take notes on it, I’m gonna be tempted to check in on Facebook and post some silly stuff in our group and have some fun with you guys and don’t take it personal. I’m not trying to not have fun with this. Is this a good time for me to reset and focus on what’s going on? So that’s it. That is today’s show. I hope you enjoyed it. I want to challenge you as we leave this for you to do the same thing. Think about where you are in twenty nineteen and think about where you are now. Because whether you whether you set out some goals or not. Just think about how much your life has changed, how much you’ve grown. And if you didn’t? If you’re sitting there staring at a blank page. Definitely get involved. The REHA definitely involved the mastermind and definitely find not just one mentor, but a handful of mentors that can help push you along the way. All right, everybody.

[00:35:56] That’s it. Hope you had a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. We’ll chat soon.

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