For 2020, I’m challenging you to read 20 books. Not just any 20 books, these. Out of the 40+ books I read in 2019, these are at the top, most influential. Also, don’t think I sit down in my bathrobe sipping hot tea with my feet up in a recliner while I turn the page. I make the most out of the 20 minute commute to/from work each day and consume most of these via Audible. Give it a try. Would love for you to join me on social media with the #read20in20.

I provided this comment last year, bears repeating:

The average American will read one book per year. Don’t be average.

The links & images take you to Amazon for Customer Reviews, formats, and snapshots of what’s inside each. is an Amazon Affiliate (meaning we earn fractions of pennies on any purchases you make from links provided here).

#1 – The Behavioral Investor by Dr. Daniel Crosby (podcast episode)

#2 – Never split the difference by Chris voss

#3 – Miracle morning: Millionaires by Hal Elrod

#4 – chop wood carry water by joshua medcalf

#5 – atomic habits by James clear

#6 – start: Punch fear in the face by jon acuff

#7 – Finish: give yourself the gift of done by jon acuff

#8 – can’t hurt me by david goggins (grab the audio on this one)

#9 – the coaching effect by bill eckstrom & sarah wirth

#10 – barking up the wrong tree by eric barker

#11 – how to win friends and influence people in the digital age by dale carnegie

#12 – wealth can’t wait by david osborne

#13 – The Purple cow by seth godin

#14 – eat that frog by brian tracy

#15 – The 10 Pillars of wealth by alex becker

#16 – I hear you by michael sorensen

#17 – couples money by chris felton

#18 – 12 Rules for life by jordan peterson

#19 – man’s search for meaning by victor frankl

#20 – Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant by robert kiyosaki